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Belcorva capri in Black Lace – with pockets big enough and secure enough for phones, keys, or whatever you need on your run.

Going for a run these days is more than just lacing up and heading out. I always bring my phone with me (just in case something happens … or I decide to finish my run at Starbucks and walk back home), and when I’m running from work or at a park, I need a place to safely stash my key. Lately, I’ve also been bringing along a mask in case I do stop at Starbucks, or run into a friend that I want to stop and chat with (from six feet away, of course).

Belcorva, a Seattle-based company, offers capri-lenth and full-length tights and shorts (both compression shorts and looser styles) that have pockets for everything you might need on your run/walk. For the tighter-fitting styles, the large pockets are on the side, and are snug enough for even large phones to ride comfortably without bouncing or pulling the tights down. There is a pocket on each leg, as well as a key pocket in the waistband (as most running shorts/tights have) and a zipper pocket on the back of the waistband.

I put my phone in one of the large pockets and my Gu and a folded up mask in the other. My key always goes in the zippered back pocket, and I use the front pocket for the Gu wrapper. (I’ve learned that putting sticky Gu packets back into pockets with zippers can sometimes make the zipper more difficult.)

In the looser-style running shorts, there are the same two pockets in the waistband, but the larger pockets are more on the front of the thigh and have zippers. They can’t stop all the bouncing (because physics – they’re not “anchored” to anything firm) but the zipper gives you the confidence that you won’t lose anything while you’re running.

The fabric super-smooth and on the thicker side. This might make it too hot for a sunny summer day, but the upside is that the material doesn’t stretch and “fade” or offer peeks at what you’re wearing (or not wearing) underneath. I also want to note that the capri length has a slightly tighter bottom elastic than I would prefer; unless I adjusted where the hem was on my leg it was too tight. I simply pulled them up slightly on the thighs so the elastic fit above the largest part of my (apparently massive) calves.

I also appreciated the width of the waistband. There is a drawstring if you need to adjust the fit, but I found the elastic and the integrity of the material fit just fine without the drawstring. I thought the size Large fit well, and I’m 5’7″ and about 165 pounds. I like a wider waistband because it looks more smooth. It’s also just more comfortable.

Belcorva tights are available online and come at a really nice price: the capri and full-length tights start at $39 with a few designs at $43. The shorts are $36 and $38 depending on style; and the compression shorts come in 3″, 5″, and 7″ lengths. You can even save 10% with the code “Oregonrun10.” If you like tunic-length tops, check out their sweatshirt dress, too … looks perfect for after an evening run when you just want something cozy.

BelcorvaThe company is relatively new, launching just three years ago in 2017. The founder, a marathoner who enjoys distance running even outside of marathon training, needed to be able to carry fuel, keys, and her phone, but wanted something less cumbersome than a backpack or waist pack. So she engineered a way to have useful pockets in both tights and shorts, worked directly with manufacturers to avoid high prices, and focused on making gear that women would enjoy wearing. She understands firsthand the problem of tights that become see through and why “no-see-through” material is so important to Belcorva.

Belcorva‘s logo sums up their company philosophy. The sun rising over the mountains symbolizes health, a new day, and moving forward. Their business was built on a belief that exercise is important for mental health. And they just happen to have some really cute gear at some really great prices! Check them out online here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to watch for new styles.

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