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Annette: Running socks are a pretty big deal for me. They’ve got an important job protecting my feet and keeping me comfortable and blister-free. Years ago I got a pair of Swiftwick Socks and for some reason I just didn’t love them. The opportunity to try some of Swiftwicks new socks had me hopeful. After all, they do claim to the the “BEST SOCKS EVER. GUARANTEED.” I got a pair of MAXUS and FLITE XT. From the second I saw them, I knew these were going to be good.

I tried out the MAXUS Zero Tab first. Because who can’t resist “clouds beneath your feet”? These no-show socks have a little extra “cush” on the heel and ball of the foot. Just enough for comfort, but no extra bulk. They felt great from the moment I put them on. But, the ultimate test is on the run. What did I notice about the MAXUS? Absolutely nothing! And, that’s a good thing. Once I started running I didn’t even think about my socks. They stayed put, there were no uncomfortable seams, they didn’t make my feet too hot or too cold, and I arrived home blister-free. What more can you ask for in a good running sock?

Next I tried the FLITE XT. This is a thinner sock that hugs a little tighter, particularly around the ankle. While this feature is designed for support during quick lateral movement, I didn’t really notice that aspect. To me, it felt more like a feature that would keep the sock in place on my ankles. No slipping down inside my shoe while running. I greatly appreciated the moisture-wicking, blister preventing focus of the FLITE XT. That is something I always look for in a running sock. Something I had never experienced before was the GripDry Fibers. This is to keep your foot from slipping around inside your shoe. I could feel the GripDry Fibers when I touched the bottom of the sock with my hand and when walking around the house in my stocking feet. So, while I didn’t really notice it on the run, I’m sure it helped prevent extra movement of my feet inside my shoes while I ran. Another helpful feature in the prevention of blisters or hot-spots.

Matt: I tried out a pair of Swiftwick’s business sock – their PURSUIT. Though less so now that we are in a COVID_19 world, I generally wear work socks every day when I was (and eventually will be once again) going into the office. I have a variety of dress socks, but I will admit that I have had some for far too long – and they just really don’t do much aside from providing a barrier between my feet and uncomfortable dress shoes. Having the benefits of Swiftwick technology and construction on my feet has been welcome, even though I am mostly wearing them the handful of times I go out and about in the community. There is a little bit of compression to them, and the comfort of Merino Wool and a lack of slippage has been positively noticeable.

After spending some time in our new socks, I’d say Swiftwick continues to win us over. Great work, Swiftwick! You’ve got both a new convert and an ongoing enthusiast. We’ll be sporting our Swiftwicks on many runs, and in many meetings, to come.

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We’re a passionate group of athletes serving athletes. We started when a mountain bike racer saw the need for high-performance socks with superior moisture-wicking and incredible fit. Today, we’re an international brand developing performance socks for running, cycling, hiking and other adventures. We share your passion for an active lifestyle and are committed to making the best socks you will ever wear. Wherever you chase adventure, our goal is to help you get there.

Our team empowers life’s adventures through thoughtful design, superior craftsmanship, and a continuous passion to help others do what moves them.


Thank you to Swiftwick for providing us with sample socks. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.
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