What Run Oregon is Wearing: Aerator Athletic Tee from SAXX


We have reviewed a handful of items from SAXX over the years. SAXX is generally known for it’s lower-body gear as their bread and butter is the patented ballpark pouch for…well…comfort down there. However, their wardrobe is expanding, and their new Aerator Athletic Tee is great for running. We were recently sent a top and really liked the fit, style, and functionality.

The Aerator comes in four color styles;

  • Black Camo (pictured)
  • Chili Red
  • City Blue
  • Black

I am not usually a camo wearer, but I actually liked the look of this style. It was more subdued that I expected and offered a fun styling without going way over the top.

As far as the fit goes, it has probably been one of the easiest to pull out of the packaging and feel comfortable in right away. While I generally prefer a slimmer fit, I am the first to acknowledge that I am not a slim guy. I am 6’2 and currently around 195 pounds (though I fluctuate up and down depending on the season). Some company’s slims can fit great, while others I can feel a little self conscious in because I feel I look like a sausage. Therefore, having some “Relaxed Fit” options is a really solid idea. The Aerotor is constructed this way and fit really nicely immediately upon wearing – no weight loss needed.

Speaking of construction, it has all the great features for active PNW runners – moisture-wicking, flat seams to minimize chafing, and their Three-D Fit – in which they use multiple panels of fabric to create 3D shaping around the body for a better fit. Whatever technology goes in to the latter, I approve of as it fit great.

Overall, I really liked this top. It is probably a little more expensive than some traditional tech tops (though the Chili Red is currently on sale as of this writing), but it admirably does the job and I have felt great wearing it. They have a Comfort Guarantee, so you can take it for a test spin and if it doesn’t live up to your standards you can send it back.

They are also offering 30% OFF FOR FRONT-LINE WORKERS:

We’re here to support those in quarantine – but we recognize that for many of you, staying home is not an option.

To the front-line workers: the medical staff, the grocers, the sanitation workers, the garbage collectors, the transport crews, the policemen and women (the list goes on)… thank you for challenging your discomfort to keep society afloat right now.

You can also send a care package to front-line and essential workers for $70 – which will net recipients two boxer briefs and a tee shirt. Simply select their size and input their name and address in the shipping details – no need to leave your house.



More about SAXX:

Originality often times means being first and SAXX’s heritage of revolutionizing underwear goes back 10 years. In 2006, Trent Kitsch was on a fishing expedition and after spending hours in a cold, clammy ocean suit he knew there had to be a better way to protect his package from chafing. A former baseball player, he imagined a catcher’s mitt hammock design and turned it upside down in his mind. After the fishing trip, and with the hammock idea still percolating, he worked with a seamstress and designer — and himself as the fit model — to create a paneled fabric hammock that separated his balls from his legs. Fourteen prototypes later, the BallPark Pouch™ and SAXX Underwear were ready for action.

Thank you to SAXX for providing us with sample item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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