Keep sweat out of your eyes with Treadbands


Running on opposite sides of the street to keep people healthy! I’m wearing a TreadBands low-profile tie-back.

Some people wear hats. Some can pull off the 70’s-style terrycloth headband. And others just don’t know the feeling of working out and sweat not dripping in your eyes.

Then there’s the “what works” factor: Headbands both hold your hair back and capture sweat, but can give you headaches or (in my case) not stay put because I apparently have a small noggin. Until recently, I was a hat person – and then I tried TreadBands Non-Slop Headbands.

There are two features that make TreadBands work for me when other headbands haven’t. They stay in place due to a soft, squishy rubber strip, and they fit your head without being too tight thanks to the stretchy material that ties where it’s comfortable for you.

The bonus feature with TreadBands is that they’re so comfortable and come in so many colors and styles that you can wear them all day. With other sport headbands, they’ve either been too tight and given me a headache, or they slowly creep up in the back until suddenly I find myself wearing a headband crown.

TreadBands are machine washable, so you can just throw them in with your tech clothes and then put them on the drying rack with your running gear (which you shouldn’t put in the dryer if you use heat). I’ve been wearing them nearly every day during the current Coronavirus shut-down, so I’m not having to swipe tickly flyaways from my forehead (don’t touch your face!).

For every purchase of two or more TreadBands during the Coronavirus pandemic, the company is donating a third to someone of your choosing – a health care worker, grocery store worker, or just someone that you want to send a smile during the stay-home order. Just use the code GIVE1 when you check out. As someone who picked up a job filling e-commerce orders at Safeway for the time being, I can tell you these are awesome to wear when I’m doing shopping for someone that is choosing to stay home for their health and the health of others.

If you’ve been looking for a headband to stop sweat, give these a try – they have a huge variety of styles that look good with both long and short hair (including traditional men’s haircuts). There’s the all-terrain tieback, which is the wider style, the low-profile tieback, and a loop headband if you prefer that style.

Here are a few of my favorite styles, which all go for about $18 on the TreadBands website. On the left is the Sea Turtles design, then the Love is Love design (a low-profile design if you prefer a thinner headband), and on the right the special What’s Up Doc? Easter design:

All Terrain Tieback - Sea Turtles

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