What Run Oregon is Wearing: WIIVV Full-Length Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles


Several choices of colors and patterns are available to customize your WIIVV insoles.

A few months ago I got a chance to try out some custom fit insoles from WIIVV Wearables. I was very impressed with the cool app that allowed you to take photos of your feet and arches, and receive personalized 3D-printed insoles almost by return mail. I loved my first pair, and my only slight reservation was that they were only 3/4 length and needed to be positioned flush with the heel of your shoes each time you wore them.

Well, within days of the publication of my review, WIIVV announced the launch of full-length custom insoles. They were way ahead of me! They generously offered to send me a pair of the new insoles to try, so I eagerly fired up the app and ordered a pair. Since WIIVV already had the previous photos of my feet on file, all I had to do was choose a bottom color and a print pattern for the top surface, an easy and fun process. I chose colors that contrasted with my earlier pair, so I could easily distinguish them in my shoes. As with the original version, the new WIIVV insoles come with your name imprinted on the bottom and printed on the top. This means there’s less chance of someone admiring the contours of your arches and swiping your insoles. But mainly it’s just cool!

The bottom view of the insole (left) shows the solid colored firm 3D-printed arch with non-slip heel cutout, while the upper surface (right) is padded and features your name printed on the heel.

The supportive and custom-sculpted part of the insole is still the area from the heel to just before the ball of the foot, while the forefoot area is an extension of the padded upper part of the insole. The forefoot is very flexible, while the underlying arch is firm. A cutout in the hard material at the ball of the heel is filled with a slightly more rubbery oval that keeps the insole from sliding in the shoe. Unlike the original 3/4 length WIIVV insoles that simply fit over your shoes’ existing insoles, the new full-length WIIVVs replace the insoles that came with your shoes.

The combination of the custom shaped arch and the padded upper surface makes WIIVV insoles very comfortable and supportive, whether you are running, walking, or just standing around. In addition to the arch itself, the anatomically sculpted heel cup also feels very secure and cradles your heel nicely.

While I love my original WIIVVs and have gotten used to positioning them in my shoes, it’s great to have the option of a full-length version of these amazing and fun custom insoles.


“Wiivv Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles are created using your smartphone and designed to reduce foot pain, joint discomfort, and muscle fatigue. The free Wiivv app captures the unique contours of your feet by mapping over 200 points on the arch and heel of each foot. The data is used to biomechanically enhance and personalize a unique pair of insoles which are made on-demand. Wiivv full-length insoles are for active and everyday pursuits and recommended for use in running shoes, boots, and casual shoes.”

Company: WIIVV Wearables
Product: Full-Length Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles
Price: $89

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