Join the 30 day Stay Fit Virtual Challenge (GIVEAWAY!) – Starts April 3rd

Stuff is crazy right now. I know I don’t need to repeat this, as you’ve probably said it to yourself 100 times in the past few weeks, but still.

I, for one, attempt to follow the news in spurts and distract myself the best I can with other activities like work, kids, and staying active the best I can. I have done a few early morning runs, but I have ended up doing a lot of different activities in my garage to keep myself motivated. Be it yoga (I’ve been watching and supporting Yoga + Beer), live and recorded fitness classes through Peloton (currently offering 90 days free), or just doing weird incline work on the treadmill – it’s good to keep yourself going.

If you are looking for some additional motivation, consider joining the 30 day Stay Fit Virtual Challenge, a virtual event put on by the same people behind the Spirit of Oregon and other races in the Valley. It starts April 3 and continues through May 3 and it’s a relatively simple concept:

  • Accept the challenge!
  • Sync & track your GPS device
  • Stay up to date on the leaderboard

Get to the goal of 30 miles in 30 days (or go for 60 or 90) and get your shirt delivered to your doorstep.


At just over $1 day ($39 total for the month), it’s a simple and easy way to keep moving forward in this time of chaos, and feel good supporting a cause as well. Registration will support No Kid Hungry, which is vital in this time.

Register here!

We Run Oregon is giving away an entry prior to the event start this Friday. Here are the details:

Share a photo of yourself and hashtag #30dayStayFitChallenge & #NoKidHungry and tag @Werunoregon on Instagram for a chance to win a free entry into Stay Fit 30 Day Challenge. Winner will be selected on March 31st! 


About Author

Matt Rasmussen lives in Keizer, Ore. with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys watching hockey, going to as many breweries (618) and wineries (152) as he can, and all things Canada (he was born there). Matt was raised as a baseball player and officially transitioned over to running in 2010.

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