What Run Oregon is Wearing: Dæhlie Airnet Wool Sweater & Pants

Base Layer Season.

Go to the Dæhlie website, and this is the first thing you’ll see typed out in big block letters. It is, indeed, the best time of year to start testing out winter wear. In Oregon where the unpredictable weather could make or break a run outside, we are good at layering up.

Dæhlie is a company that knows a little something about how to protect someone with an active lifestyle who needs to maintain comfort in the cold. Bjørn Dæhlie was an amazing Olympic world champion cross-country skier. He developed his brand in 1996 and the ski and running gear that he brought to the public back then has been constantly evolving. Last year, I was fortunate enough to review the Dæhlie Spectrum 3.0 Jacket and the Dæhlie winter tights. I get compliments every time I wear the jacker on a cold day and the tights have become my winter go-to for a cold run. Getting the chance to review the Airnet Wool pants and the Airnet Wool shirt made me feel very fortunate, because I know this company makes good quality products.

Both the Airnet pants and shirt are 100% merino woolen baselayer items meant to keep you both warm and ventilated. They are made with mesh panels that are structured with 80% merino wool reinforced with nylon. Due to the location of the mesh, it’s fairly obvious that you’d want to layer these products under your clothes rather than as stand-alone items, which is the point of a baselayer to begin with. The clothes are meant to insulate you when it’s cold as well as help with effectively evaporating any moisture when you’re working hard. They also dry very quickly.

The first time I wore both the Airnet wool pants and shirt was on a weekend camping trip to Silver Falls. The mornings were about 29 degrees out at the campsite and the days were sunny but chilly. I wore the baselayers under some fleece pants and a long sleeved shirt, plus a light jacket. I romped around in the woods hiking all of that Saturday, and spent the evening at the campsite. When it was time for bed, I wore just the Airnet wool items alone in my sleeping bag. I spent a full 24 hours in the Dæhlie gear and I didn’t feel cold all day or night. I felt dry on my hike up the hills and comfortable and warm throughout the day while I relaxed. I stayed toasty that night in my sleeping bag as well.

The pants have mesh completely lining the backside. The shirt is mostly made of the mesh material other than the front chest portion. Both are made with an ergonomic fit, and the inserts of wool paneling will provide comfort under a backpack or any other gear. The products are, as expected, very breathable and light. The shirt was the winner of the ISPO Award in 2018, which means it was chosen by a jury of independent sports professionals to be exceptional in quality.

Both of the products came with a mesh laundry bag, as the washing instructions advise you to wash these in a laundry bag with similar colors and with a wool wash setting and detergent. I would suggest careful care due to the light mesh fabric, but the clothes are still very durable.

The Airnet wool would be a great choice for a very chilly day spent in the snow under your regular clothes, whether that be your running gear, your skiing gear, or even under jeans for a trip up to the mountains. As far as I’m concerned, Dæhlie has done it again and given us a great quality product that’s well worth the price tag.


Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

  • Multi functional product from low to medium high intensity
  • Warm and highly breathable wool fabric in 80% merinowool and 20% nylon
  • Ensures optimal insulation in low activity
  • Evaporates excess heat efficiently trough the netting in high activity
  • Quick drying & keeping you warm even when wet
  • Elastic inserts of wool panel for ergonomic fit and for comfort worn under a pack
  • Maximum functionality and comfort your body in zones
  • Elastic waistband (pants)

More about Dæhlie:

Our design is clean, real and contemporary without anything superfluous that take away the focusfrom your achievements. Our clothing inspires your winner instinct and makes you feel and look good.

The characteristic oblique line can remind you of the diagonal movement of a XC skier. This oblique line forms the starting point for the graphic pattern we have developed.

We have the worlds best products developed for cross-country skiers doing different forms of exercize – all year round. Our clothes have unique fit and quality.

Thank you to Dæhlie for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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