Stay protected with the BlackStrap UV Daily Sleeve Set and Daily Tube Sun Mask

BlackStrap (BS) is a company out of Bend that is focused on quality and innovation to help fuel outdoor adventures. They take the motto “made in the USA” very seriously and insist on every step of their process (from raw textiles to shipping) be sourced and manufactured in the United States.

The BS Daily Sleeve Set AS 19 UV and Daily Tube UV Sun Mask are the perfect accessories for all of your sunny spring and summer adventures. The breathable mesh provides ample protection from the sun, and a little warmth when you need it, or airflow when you don’t. What’s more, the variety of colors and patterns available for most BlackStrap products, will ensure you have a safe excursion while also making a fashion statement (while often times supporting independent, local artists).

The BS Sleeves gave me just enough warmth and protection from the elements without overheating. I appreciated their compact, lightweight qualities most during a trial half marathon I recently ran. The weather was crisp in the morning yet was expected to warm as the race progressed. There were a few breaks on the trail when I knew the sun would be beating down.

Since there was not enough sun to justify a full UV arsenal, but enough to have my fair-self, aware, I knew I needed some protection. I was able to wear the sleeves through the sun, at the beginning of the race when my body was still warming up. Then, as it got hot and the trail became more heavily wooded, remove the sleeves, and stuff them in a very small pouch in my running vest.

It is always tough to predict exactly how to dress in these fickle spring days of the Pacific Northwest. I have found that arm sleeves help to give you that protections and flexibility to take the ever-changing weather as it comes.

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Company: BlackStrap


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