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The new Cambodia Collection graphic series from Janji – amazing all around

We have been reviewing and writing about Janji items for a few years now. We just love their unique take on the running world – that it’s a global connector and their items should express that. Their items are globally-inspired from the places all over the world and they feature a new locale each year. They use that location for inspiration, do a ton of research on the area and the running scene and team up with local artists from those countries to design their items. They then partner with a local water NPO, test their items in the country, and finish all the final details up to launch. And then on the back end, 5% of their collection profits are given to the local water NPO to assist those countries. I mean, how awesome is that?!

2019 is seeing the launch of their Cambodia collection, and their first few items we have tested are pretty dang sweet – the Orbital Singlet H2O Racer and AVR Middle Short.

By doing all the stuff listed above, it’s easy to see that Janji has a commitment to water. Running is probably the great worldwide unifying sport, where any developed, developing, or other country can compete and win. However, as we know, hydration is a necessity, and over 780 million people still lack this across the world today. Janji believe sin the right to clean water and want to do their part to this need. That’s why it’s no surprise that the Orbital Singlet in Midnight has this message emblazoned vertical on the back – “Water is a Human Right” (the floral version does not have this – its color scheme busy enough as it is). That graphic is actually not just a random design – it is directly inspired by the neon signs of Cambodia’s electric night markets.

The singlet itself is unisex, but I can absolutely see this fitting quite well on either females or males. It may be the lightest top I’ve ever worn, due to their stretchy, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking AFO fabric -otherwise know as AirFlatOut. I mean, it feels like it’s not even there. Add in the bonded seams around the neck and arms and it feels like this thing was just somehow miraculously cut out of a singular piece of fabric. And that means less (if any) chafing opportunities along the way. The back of the top is actually a little wider by design, as the thin fabric lays better across the shoulders so it won’t have the sensation that your sweat is weighing the top down and you have to keep tugging it to keep in place.

I have been absolutely in love with this top over the past few weeks. I have only worn in the gym and on the treadmill, but can’t wait to rock this once the warm weather hits. It’s also an ideal top to take on a relay or “runcation” due to the lack of space and weight it takes up. HIGHLY recommended (and worth the investment with the amazing local work they are doing).

The AVR Middle Short are your pretty standard running short if you’re just looking at them from the outside (although I do think these are pretty stylish). The difference is what’s on the inside. My favorite thing about these shorts was the inside liner. Most running shorts use a mesh liner which is nothing new, but after long runs chafing can become an issue. Their liner is a moisture wicking brief style which was closer to more of a tech shirt feel rather than a mesh swimsuit feeling liner. This worked wonders in reducing chafing and surprisingly stayed much drier than I had expected.

The outer is their AdventureVent Ripstop (AVR) which is a breath of fresh air (quite literally) when compared to some of the more traditional running shorts which don’t breathe nearly as well. They’re flexible enough and breathable enough to keep you cool and dry in even some of your hardest runs. I should also mention that these are some of the lightest shorts I’ve worn as well. I’m not sure if I’d wear these during our colder winter months  here in Oregon as they truly are much more breathable than I’m accustomed to.

My main gripe with these was the back pocket. This isn’t a huge issue if you carry your phone in your hand or in an armband, FlipBelt, etc. They advertise in photos being able to carry your phone and keys in there, which I was able to do. However, my phone (iPhone XR) had to be wrestled in there before I put the shorts on. There was no way it was happening with them on and my hands lack the dexterity to do so behind me. For keys and a  credit card/ID (for a beer afterwards) it works great, just know that your mileage may vary when it comes to getting your phone in there.

Overall, Janji has nailed it with their new Cambodia collection. The price and quality are definitely there and I am happy to add these to my rotation. You can feel good knowing that 5% of the proceeds from your purchase go back to their selected nonprofit organization to fund clean water projects and they collaborate with local artists in the collection designs.

Company: Janji


  • Orbital Singlet H2O Racer ($54)
    • Midnight
    • Neon Floral
      • 88% recycled polyester, 12% lycra
  • AVR Middle Short ($60)
    • Midnight
    • Shadow (grey)
    • Dot (blue)
    • Nightmarket Neon (floral)
      • AdventureVent Ripstop mesh (AVR): 97% polyester, 3% spandex

Thank you to Janji for providing us with samples to test. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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