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What Run Oregon is Wearing: FuelBelt Neon Flare and Neon Vest

I run early in the morning and with it getting darker every day as I rise, safety gear is becoming more and more of a necessity. FuelBelt, a trusted name in the running industry, has some great options out on the market to keep you both safe and comfortable.

I had the good fortune of getting to test out the Neon Vest and the Neon Flare. Both are lightweight and great for high visibility and reflectibility out on the roads. They are designed to be one size fits all right out of the box and great for all weather conditions.  

The neon vest is constructed of feather-weight mesh which is both breathable and soft. There is a wide band of reflective material at the waist with adjustable Velcro. It’s great in both wet or dry environments and will not be weighed down even in a downpour in the Oregon rain. It will also dry very quickly once you reach shelter.

The neon flare is water resistant and made of durable nylon. It’s small and flexible with a bright green LED light inside that makes it easy to see from a distance away. It can be placed on either wrist, or perhaps on an arm or an ankle, depending on where you want to wear it.

Nikki’s thoughts:

I hate wearing anything that I have to think too much about. Many safety vests are cumbersome or flop around. The FuelBelt neon vest is easy to get on without thinking too hard about it and it’s adjustable at the waist. I found myself wishing that there was also some Velcro around the shoulders so that I could adjust the straps, but I found that if I folded the bottom of the straps under the waist, I could adjust the length of the shoulder straps as well. Once I had the vest adjusted to my liking, it was very comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that I forgot I was wearing it, which is just what you need with a safety vest. The mesh material meant it didn’t get hot, but it was still very visible to traffic at 5:00AM. It also doesn’t ride up, despite being so light. This will be a great go-to for all those runs in the dark.

The FuelBelt neon flare was also unnoticeable to me (but not to anyone else who needed to see me coming) when I placed it on my wrist. It simply added a bit more visibility to myself without hindering my run in the least. I chose to put it on the wrist that was closest to oncoming traffic, but you could put it anywhere fairly easily. As a mom, I also thought about how great it would be to have a couple of flares for my sons for activities like trick or treating. The entire flare lights up in a 360 degree circle around your arms so you can be seen in from the back, the front, and the sides. At an affordable price of $9.99, you could easily stock up on a few of these.


Products & Price:

  • Neon Flare ($9.99)
    • Specs (from website): Dimensions – 13.78 cm L X 2.17 cm W X 1.54 cm H Weight: .07g
  • Neon Vest ($19.99)
    • Specs (from website): Dimensions – 30.12 cm L X 20.67 cm W X .31 cm H Weight: .10g

More about FuelBelt:

For 20 years, innovative design has pushed FuelBelt to deliver the best and lightest in hydration and performance gear. Our collection offers runners the freedom to stay in control of their run, no matter the route. In today’s competitive environment, where science determines the margins of advantage, athletes demand a fail proof approach to hydration and performance gear.

Since Vinu Malik designed the very first hydration belts and launched FuelBelt in 1997, we have engineered uncompromising products for uncompromising athletes. We have the same goal today that we had over twenty years ago – provide the most streamlined hydration, storage, and safety solutions that minimize disruption and maximize comfort, so that you can be prepared to perform your best.

Today, FuelBelt is part of a 28-year-old organization, Implus LLC. Implus manages category leading brands renowned for superior quality, innovative design and heritage. Implus proudly distributes in over 75,000 retail outlets across North America and in over 70 countries worldwide. Implus’ scale and reach helps make FuelBelt products broadly available across the United States and internationally.

Thank you to FuelBelt for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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I'm the owner of Healthy Girl Fitness and I'm a personal trainer, certified AFAA group exercise instructor, and an RRCA certified running coach in SW Portland. I am also the mother of two young boys and am on the board at my youngest son's school. I led a relatively inactive life throughout my 20's until I discovered the world of fitness and running. I ran my first marathon in 2006 and haven't looked back since.

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