Lighting up the night with the Kogalla Ra Adventure Light

Days are shortening, and often that means that outdoor runs and other activities happen when the sun isn’t there to light your way. Flashlights and headlamps are great, but in some dark areas without any streetlighting or other light sources, the beam seems inadequate. The Kogalla Ra Adventure Light is “a radical new approach to portable lighting,” and with its five warm bright bulbs lights up the whole area around you. It can be strapped on with enclosed straps or attached with a magnet (sold in a separate kit).

My first chance to try the light in very dark conditions was during the Hood to Coast relay in August. I was running at 3am through the forest in the Coastal Range, with the nearest light coming from the runners around me. I strapped the Ra onto my reflective vest and slipped the battery pack into one of its pockets. At first I was carrying a flashlight as well, but the bouncing light in front of me almost made it more difficult to see any uneven pavement. When I turned the flashlight off and started to rely just on the Ra for lighting, it was a much more comfortable experience: The lights illuminate 120* around you, creating a globe of ambient lighting rather than one bright beam with darkness around it.

The light is wonderful and will light up your night, but will not work in all situations. If you don’t carry much on your runs, the light is a little bulky, especially with the external battery. But if you’re using it while backpacking or camping, or wear hydration vests or belts while running, it can be easily attached to the gear you already use. I’m excited about having it in my gear for outdoor activities.

Company: Kogalla

Product: Ra – (starting at $129)

About Kogalla LLC:

Kogalla is a technology company innovating the way we use sustainable energy and efficient lighting in the great outdoors. The company specializes in products that enhance outdoor adventures and support emergency preparedness.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zyntony, Inc.

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