Strava Segment & Running Meme of the Week: Thunderslide (on the Great Pumpkin Run course in Corvallis)

Are you on Strava? If you are, be sure to join the Run Oregon Strava Club! It’s just a fun way to connect to other runners in our area. If not, and especially if you’re doing the Great Pumpkin Run in Corvallis on Saturday the 13th, you can join for free (it will remain free, too, unless you want to get a premium account – you aren’t asked for any payment information when you sign up!) and then you’ll see a segment appear on your records right away!

The segment this week is called “Thunderslide” and it starts shortly into the Great Pumpkin Run, after you turn right off 153rd onto the Midge Cramer Path. The segment runs for a total of 0.77 miles and has an average grade of 1%. If you check out the segment here, you can scroll below the map to see the elevation profile and note that in the last 0.3 miles is when most of the climb occurs.

The current record holders of this segment are Erica Howes from September 2016 (5:04) and Logan Storie from December 2016 (4:03). If you run this race and you are on Strava, your effort will immediately be recorded and you can try to claim the title or just add it to your personal trophy case. And if you don’t want your effort public, you can toggle the settings to hide it from leaderboards.

The Great Pumpkin Run is a fundraiser, with funds going to support housing solutions for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The event includes a 5k and a 10k, and you can still sign up on Saturday at the race between 7:45-8:30a. Be sure to bring your ID, as there will be a beer waiting for all 21+ participants that want one! The race is at the Benton County Fairgrounds, and starts at 9a on Saturday the 13th.


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