What Run Oregon is Wearing: ZUNGLE Music Sunglasses

When I put on my Zungle the first time, I felt like I had been transported into the future promised in the Back to the Future movies. Instead of going for a run, I wondered if I could find a hoverboard or flying car to try out.

In the simplest terms, Zungle Music Sunglasses are “Sunglasses that talk and play music.” The creators behind this technology have combined two common needs for bikers, walkers, and runners: sunglasses and headphones. The glasses provide you access to your music or phone via Bluetooth technology so that you have wireless sounds right on the side of your head. And because the speakers are in the glass frames, you still have the full ability to hear what is occurring around you.

After trying the glasses a few times on runs and walks in Portland Metro settings, I decided their best use was for quieter areas like on Springwater trail or during morning runs when I wanted to have my podcasts to listen to, but did not want to be separated from the sounds of the world around me. When running near busier streets, I struggled with having the turn the volume up to compete with the traffic sounds. As a female runner, these glasses will be a great tool for having music on the run without being cut off from the world.

Zungle comes in two basic styles (Viper and Lynx) with the basic difference in the style of the front frames. There are also different lenses options in case you want options in other colors (I’m thinking about the Aurora Purple-colored lenses for my next race, for the happyness boost). The glasses charge via USB and a one-hour charger has you all set for up to four hours of sound.

Zungle’s products are designed in California U.S. with pleasant and warm hearts. Zungle was founded in 2016 and Zunglers are from all over the world such as New York, L.A. and Seoul.

Overall the glasses are lightweight with great sound and shade. Just need to find that hoverboard.

  • Viper: $149.99 (with free spare lenses)
  • Lynx: $169.99
    Free worldwide shipping. Includes charging cable.

Thank you to ZUNGLE for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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