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If you are one of my clients or running partners or really anyone that spends a significant amount of time around me, you know that I am SUPER particular about my running socks. I have severe running sock issues. Probably my biggest pet peeve is when my sock slips down in my shoe and despite running sock brands promising no slip, this tends to always happen. I can’t stand it. In fact I can’t stand it so much that I chose to take off my socks rather than have them slide down as I lined up for a 10K. I ended up bleeding through my shoes from the rubbing on my feet.

Running socks make many promises, most of which I find they cannot live up to. I am very apprehensive of them and have yet to find a brand that I trust…until I tried Feetures. When the socks arrived, I immediately approached them with pessimism and doubt. They looked good! They looked sleek and understated but I figured they would only let me down like so many other notable brands had in the past.

The first pair of Feetures I tried was the Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock. It was thin and clung to my foot like it was painted on. They felt great immediately. The compression of the sock hit just right on all area of my foot. The tab in the back sat at the perfect height on my Achilles. I was curious to see how they performed and if blistering would occur especially considering the thin material. I took them out for an 8 mile run and was pleased to return home blister free and my feet shockingly dry. It was a warm summer day and my socks were not soaked with sweat as I typically expect them. The sock never slipped or even seemed to start to. It held perfectly and performed like a champ.

The next two pairs of socks I tried were specifically for made for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. If you haven’t had Plantar Fasciitis before, be glad, it is painful and incredibly frustrating. I had PF for 4 years and still get flares of it where I have to back off my training a bit and pull out all the repair tools I have in my training toolbox. The great thing about the Feetures PF Relief Light Cushion and Ultra Light socks were the fact that they have targeted compression and material that help support and stretches the plantar fascia. This is so helpful and feels so nice. The Ultra Light one was similar to the Elite Ultra Light with the added benefit of the compression and support of the arch area. The PF Relief Light Cushion were my favorite socks. They had the great support, no slip and fast wicking relief but they also had subtle but distinguishable extra cushion at key points, the heel and the toe box. That little big of extra cushion feels so nice and provides that extra padding for plantar fasciitis sensitive areas.


After years of sock struggles, I think I can finally say I have found my match. I highly recommend the Feetures socks. They don’t miss a beat on making sure this sock covers every aspect of what is needed for a runner. I appreciate their attention to detail and for  the extra support and care that runner’s feet need.

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Thank you to Feetures for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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