Race Preview: 2018 Cascade Lakes Relay (Diamond Lake to Bend)

Have you ever run a relay? You know, a race where you have 11 of your closest, smelliest buddies, who pile into 2 vans and take turns running non-stop for 200+ miles over the course of 30 hours? If you’ve ever done a relay, you have probably heard of the Cascade Lakes Relay (or CLR, as the cool kids say it). If not, you would be crazy not to check out this crazy amazing relay!

Now, let me warn you however, this is not your typical relay. Oh no. This relay is now in its 11th year and takes place in Central Oregon, where the air is clear and the altitude is a real thing. People come from across the world and all over the country to run in this race, which boasts more than 3,500 participants. When it’s all said and done, your team will have travelled over 216 miles, finishing at Riverbend Park in Bend. To make things a little more interesting, some teams embrace the beauty of the costume. If you have had the joy of seeing runners in costumes before, you know what I’m talking about. If not, this might be the best thing in the world you didn’t know about.

Scott and Carrie Douglass created this race as a fun, family oriented, epic journey that has blossomed into one of the pinnacle events in Bend. What makes Cascade Relays more than just any other group is how they give back to their community. The Douglass’s foundation has contributed over $300,000 since 2008 and donates over $70,000 annually to local nonprofits and community groups. Personally, I have always loved how Scott and Carrie are there at the start and then again at the finish, welcoming runners and teams as if they were their closest friends.

And if 216 miles seems a little much for your team of 12, consider the CLR24, which is a 132 mile walk-relay option that starts at leg 13 of the running relay. Same crazy group of friends, same awesome opportunity to go big with the best costumes, same level of sweaty. It’s all there! And while it’s true that this relay often sells out within hours of the opening of registration, there are always teams looking for a runner or two. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

When: August 3rd & 4th. Teams go out in waves, starting as early as 6am.

Registration: For CLR36 (the full-meal deal) click here. For CLR24, click here.

Cost: The CLR36 is $1,800 ($150 per runner). The CLR24 is $1,350 ($112.50 per runner).

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