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Sometimes, it seems an industry has experienced all the innovation and expansion it could possibly reach. Then you come across a new product that gives an idea a new light. The Pilot 2N1 short are a good example of the simple running short growing in a slightly different fashion. Personally being a faster runner that prefers the classic high cut running short, I do have a couple pairs that are longer for easy runs with the kids and post race cool downs. They are heavier than my usual shorts of course, and require wearing multiple layers. With the Pilot 2N1 shorts, this was not an issue.

The first impression I had of these shorts was their light weight. I was surprised to remove them from the packaging and realize it was a full, knee length short when it felt like a much smaller garment. The high quality, breathable material helped with that impression as well. When walking around and then running with them, this translated to an easy, friction free experience. There was no chafing issues or feeling of the material swaying back and forth with my strides. Great for cooler weather as well, the liner and BallPark Pouch™ was comfortable and warm enough even when temperatures were near freezing during an aerobic run.

Due to the design, the fit was spot on. As a lanky runner, aside from the abuse of drawstring waists, many garments don’t sit correctly, nor stay where they started. The lining of the shorts was snug where it needed to be, from waist to thigh and fit in a comfortable and nonrestrictive manner in the several different stride patterns I hit in them.

The short has a couple pockets in easy to reach locations. I didn’t get a chance to store anything in them at the time of writing. They also have some reflective writing for visibility. The SAXX website touts the seam design, with the rough section on the outside, for a smoother fit. I can definitely agree that these were hands down the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn.

Company: SAXX Underwear

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Description (from website):

  • Featuring a feather-weight shell with minimal seams, no side pockets and bonded hems – Pilot is the lightest pair of running shorts you’ve ever worn. Add a super-breathable liner with the BallPark Pouch™ for friction-free support, and you have one unbelievably comfortable path to victory.


  • Shell: 52% nylon, 48% polyester 96 gm/m2 shell / 88% nylon, 12% spandex panels Liner: 77% nylon, 14% spandex, 9% polyester


Thank you to SAXX for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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