Getting Back To Me: Continuing On My Way – One Day at a Time

It finally happened. After over 2 years of planning, hoping, stressing out, and holding my breath – our new house is finally done and we were able to move in. Honestly, there were times when I thought it would never happen, but here we are finally getting settled into our home! The month leading up to our move was crazy, but I was super consistent with my workouts and runs. I only missed one day in 5 weeks. That felt pretty awesome! I enjoyed the consistency and the ability to de-stress with a run or workout. I started to feel more like myself again – despite the craziness around me.

The week surrounding our move I gave myself permission to focus on moving and not worry about exercise. I knew I would be exhausted from moving – both physically and mentally. When there’s a deadline and boxes all around you, trying to squeeze in a run can be more stressful than just getting the job done. So, I focused on getting moved and refused to feel guilty about not running and working out. Besides, it wasn’t like I was sitting around on the couch eating bon bons! Once things calmed down, I got back at it.

The chaotic joy of moving!

Honestly, getting back at it after 5 days off, was a little tougher than I’d hoped. I mean, it was only 5 days! Despite being a little worn out, I was excited to get back to my running/workout schedule. Add the Daylight Savings time change to that mix and you’ve got a girl that could use a little extra sleep. Yes, the first few days were rough and I didn’t go all out, but I got it done. That’s the big deal here. I was able to take some time off for necessary “life stuff” and get back to it in a reasonable amount of time without incident. Now, that’s more like me!

Another thing that is more like me: I’ve got a race on the agenda! I haven’t participated in a race since the beginning of December, so this is kind of exciting. Am I race ready? Not really. I know my time is not going to be one for the books, but getting back to regular racing is what I need. I need it for fun, to help me focus, and to really get back to me again.

Overall, I am starting to feel more like myself. I have felt the stress begin to drop off. It’s like I’m starting to feel lighter – mentally, anyway. The weight I put on during my high stress time is still an issue. But, I really believe that with less stress in my life I will be able to chip away at that a little better. I’m trying to keep my focus off of my weight and on continuing to increase my activity level and being more balanced with my eating. I’ll get there. I’m sure of it. One day at a time.


Stay tuned. I will continue writing about this journey back to me with the hope that this will help someone else who is in the same boat and needs some encouragement. Join me! How do you manage “life stuff” and temporary breaks?

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