Get to know Run Oregon: James Bozeman

Me with 2 of my 3 kids after the granite man 10 miler.

James is relatively new to blogging with us, but we are thrilled to have a Southern Oregon blogger on board! He is staged out of the Central Point/Medford area and this part of the state is filled with running options we never knew of before!

Age you started running:
I started running at 26 I was a pack a day smoker and decided to quit and replace it with something better!

Favorite running shoes:
I’m a Nike guy, my favorites so far have been the Pegasus, but I’m looking at trying some other brands here soon.

First race:
Monster Dash 5k in Ashland

Favorite time of year to run (or favorite running temperature)
I love about low 70s high 60s my favorite time of year is summer! I love to get up early and get a good run in at sunrise.

How many days/week or miles/week you run (or mileage/year)
Average is about 15 a week.

Favorite running tech gadgets:
No gadgets for me beside my phone, and I use Nike + to track my runs.

What you can’t run without:

What you carry with you on the run:
Cell phone, water and sometimes keys.

Pre-run/race routine/must-do’s
I am the guy who lays everything out the night before and triple checks I have it all. Usually I still forget something!

Post-run/race routine/must-do’s
I like to pig out after big events! I just burned a bunch of calories so I earned it!

Go to pre-race food
Bananas, waffles, and sometimes coffee.

Post-race food/beverages
A big bacon cheeseburger or pizza! Water then beer!

Favorite race and/or distance
I think I’m best at 10k distance but loved the San Francisco marathon.

Favorite running destination
Lithia park in Ashland

Group running or solo running?
I’ve only been on one group run (shoutout to SORE!) but because of my schedule I’m a lone wolf and get my runs in when I can alone.

Music or no music?
Music and sometimes podcasts.

Favorite running song
Propaganda – Raise the banner ( helped me through the wall during the Eugene marathon).

Speed work?

Cross training?
I have a pretty physical job, so that’s the extent of cross trainings

I don’t mind it, but this winter I’m roughing it and hitting the streets.

Training plan?
Only for a marathon and I still don’t follow them very well. I’m sure I could do a lot better if I did though.

Running pet peeve:
People not following the right of way on the bike path, and drivers staring at me…. Not sure if I look weird or if they wish they were running.

Favorite non-running outdoor activity

Funny, embarrassing, most memorable running experience
Trail run, switchbacks, fell on my face.

What you do when you aren’t running or blogging:

Working, spending time with family ( wife and 3 kids) and I like to paint.

Something Run Oregon readers don’t know about me:
I don’t know how to swim, but dream of doing a triathlon.

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