Running On Thursdays

Ever since our world got shaken up and dumped out like dice in a game of Yahtzee, I’ve come to love my Thursdays. Thursday has always been a running day for me, but it was always about squeezing it in before work or after an appointment or whatever. Now that we’ve been reduced to Yahtzee dice, Thursdays have become my day. A day where I don’t have any appointments, clients, anything. While I do hate not having stuff on my schedule, my big outing on Thursdays is now my run.

Suddenly there are no restrictions. I get out on the road when I’m ready and I don’t worry about when I need to get back. It’s the day where my run is relaxing – at least mentally.

I used to have a rule about music when I ran. No music except on my long training runs. I did that so that I wouldn’t need music to run and I would appreciate it more if I was struggling with a long run. Yahtzee changed all that. Now, despite how far I’m running, Thursdays are my run with music days. I have started to look forward to my Thursday runs with my headphones all week. But, it’s not just about the music or the lack of restrictions. It’s about really enjoying my runs. My speed and distance no longer matter. It just matters that I get that run.

I created a new route for my Thursday runs that I can tweak here and there based on how I’m feeling. I run past fields being prepared for crops. The dirt has now been plowed so smoothly that I almost want to run my hands through it. I run by nursery stock being watered and cared for and I wonder what some of the plants are called. I see the dahlia fields, which aren’t much now, but I know how amazing and colorful they will look in late summer and fall. I make my way through neighborhoods and look at the flowers and trees in the yards – planning which ones I should add to my yard. I pass by a small par 3 golf course, which is being slowly fixed up and is looking better all the time. I wave, smile, and/or greet other runners and walkers as they pass by. I see the same white farm trucks drive past on their way between the fields.

It’s familiar and yet it’s new every day, and it’s calming. It’s the one time I quit trying to control and fix things that I’m not in charge of. The rest of the week I’m just the dice. I’m not the maker of the Yahtzee rules. But, when I run on Thursdays, I control that. I choose my route. I choose my music. And I choose to let my thoughts calm down. I appreciate my environment. For that hour plus that I run on Thursday, there is no Yahtzee. There is just me, my music, the road, and my surroundings. Thursday is my day.

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