Organizing 2017 with the Get To Work Book

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review and was sent a Get To Work Book to start planning for 2017.

Many of us use our smart phones for everything – including our daily schedules – however, I still like a good old-fashioned paper and pencil planner. So, the opportunity to check out the Get To Work Book was right up my alley. The first thing that stood out to me about this planner was that it is hefty. It is not some tiny, discreet book you can stuff into your desk and forget about. This 8.25″x 9″x 1″ planner was made to last for the full year and beyond. With its spiral bound book board cover and laminated monthly tabs the solid construction is impressive. And, that’s just the outside.

Inside, this planner is full of options. The first 2 pages contain a layout of the full year. I have already begun planning ahead for 2017 with these pages. In focusing on my health, I wrote out when various medical appointments should be scheduled for next year. (Eye doctor, dentist, etc.) For my running, I have begun listing various races that I am interested in running for each month. I expect that list to continue to grow.

Before each month in the Get To Work Book is a “Reflect and Goal Set” page. This page allows you to review goals you met last month, list things still in progress and things to let go of, and it has room for setting new goals and things to work on and/or complete. This is a great tool for running or other fitness and health related goals, as well as goals for work, home, or school.

“Go All In” – Motivational Text from the 2017 Get To Work Book

Next is the monthly motivational text print. This page is perforated and on card stock, so that it is easily removable and can be posted somewhere to help motivate you throughout the month and beyond.

After that, there is the month at a glance. If you like to plan out a monthly running and workout schedule, this is a great place to do that. Then comes the meat of the Get To Work Book: the daily planner. I really like how this section is laid out. It gives you room to write out more than just a couple of things without the need to write in code or in your smallest writing to try and squeeze everything in. There is plenty of room on each page for your to-do lists, appointments, workouts, races, etc. There is even extra room at the bottom of the page for additional notes or to extend your lists. There is also a section designated for weekly action items. If you are a goal-setter like me, this gives you a nice location to list those short-term goals and even a little box to check them off when you are done. For me, there is something quite satisfying about checking something off, so I appreciate the built-in check-off section. At the end of each month (or beginning of the next month) there are project breakdown pages to help with larger tasks. Again, they include a box to check off when completed.

Week at a glance page from 2017 Get To Work Book

The things I like most about the Get To Work Book:

  • Solid construction. The planner should make it through the year with me in one piece.
  • Lots of room to write and different formats to choose from (yearly, monthly, weekly)
  • Made with the goal-setter in mind
  • Neat and well-organized. Even if I don’t stay that way, at least my planner will!

Overall, I am impressed with the Get To Work Book. It is a planner, organizer, and motivator all in one. With tons of room on each page, it’s great for multi-use. I plan to use this in 2017 for structuring my running and workouts, as a personal calendar/planner, and for organizing work projects. I am already looking forward to January so I can start utilizing my new organizational tool.

You can purchase the Get To Work Book here for $55.


Thanks to Get to Work Book for allowing us to sample a planner. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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