Dress Like a Man: Underwear 4.0

We are back with our 4th installment of Men’s underwear! Who knew?!  You can click here to see my first post, and here for the more recent 2nd and 3rd posts – which includes some background on multiple undergarment companies – each with unique styles, cuts, fits, and colors . Yet, there are still more companies to delve into, and this post will seek to highlight those!


Brand: Runderwear
Style: Men’s Runderwear
Cost: Approximately $17 
Specs: 92% Polyamide / 8% Elastane
Description: The Men’s Runderwear support briefs are designed to give you maximum support with the highest level of comfort that you need from your briefs. Get support where you need it most with using Runderwears seamless technology. The fabric is engineered to wick moisture from the skin, helping reduce any irritation.
  • 360 degree seamless technology construction
  • Moisture wicking transport system

  • Ergonomically designed, moving with your body
  • Improved core temperature control

  • Runderwear™ fabric is lightweight, durable, with consistent fabric return


I generally figure that new underwear are probably much like new shoes – you want to break them in slowly so you know what you are dealing with before you go crazy. However, I didn’t heed my own advice and took my pair of Runderwear out on a 16 mile run, basically immediately after pulling them out of the box. But I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the right decision, as they held up to challenge and exceeded all expectations.

Obviously, with a name like Runderwear, it stands to reason that they were created with the runner in mind. From seamless construction to moisture wicking fabric to perforations designed to get rid of more moisture – they are truly dialed in with a runner’s needs. During that long run, I experienced no chafing at all and I remained comfortable the whole 2+hours. At only around $17 on Amazon (or around $20 for the boxer brief version), they are also affordable and right in line or cheaper than other underwear or compression short/brief brands.

Follow Runderwear on Facebook. They also has women’s styles, as well as some socks and headwear.

Brand: Obviously
Style: Core AnatoFREE BriefLumber AnatoFREE Boxer Brief, Essence AnatoFREE Boxer Brief
Cost: Approximately $17 for Core, $19 for the Lumber, and $25 for Essence
Specs: 90% Bamboo Rayon, 10% Lycra
Description: At Obviously, we believe that you deserve the ultimate in comfortable underwear and undershirts, always. We believe that you should always look and feel your best. We believe you should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. We believe your underwear and undershirts should enhance your performance. Our beliefs are backed by our products. Every single Obviously product has undergone a rigorous engineering and design process that would put most aircraft manufacturers to shame. We do not copy or “borrow” designs. We do not make the world’s most comfortable underwear by chance. We believe we can give you the most comfortable underwear and undershirts you have ever tried.

Our meticulously engineered anatomical pouch design is what places our brand at the forefront of the underwear market. In order to provide you with the ultimate in superior quality of underwear we have chosen to use nothing but the finest natural fabrics – Bamboo Rayon and Licensed Lenzing Modal. These fabrics allow us to create underwear that is perfect to convey the feeling of softness, durability and support. Our fabrics have significant health benefits over regular cotton and synthetic underwear fabrics, they are highly UV resistant, non Genetically Modified (GM), sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Obviously Underwear has a variety of styles and fits within their lineup. The Core Collection provides the basic (core) colors for everyday style. The Lumber Collection features contrast piping and a textured waistband in addition to some really cool colors.  The Essence Collection is  understated style to men’s underwear, and comprises the essential colours of Obviously’s new Premium Range of underwear products.
While the  styles I sampled were from these different collections, all were within their AnatoFREE technology line. This technology is described as having a shallower pouch than normal. While I am still new to the party when it comes to underwear pouches, I do see the benefits and am coming around to the feel. I will say that, with most pouch-outfitted underwear, I often end up being cognizant that I am in the pouch. That doesn’t mean that other pairs are uncomfortable – just that they have taken some getting used to. The pouch in the Obviously AnatoFREE line, for some reason, feels different to me. And by “feeling”, I mean they are one of the few where I forget I have them on. The pouches just feel really natural and the fit is top-notch. I would recommend these for those who may be transitioning into pouches, or are looking for a solid fit.

UntitledBrand: Mosmann
Style: Active Trunk Ulysses
Cost: Approximately $29
Specs: 95% CoolMax, 5% Lycra
Description: Engineered high performance underwear with humidity control and Joey support pouch which keep it all in place with any rigorous sporting activities.

Mosmann Active utilizes fabric technology with COOLMAX delivering optimum performance, control skin temperature and body hydration. Dries quicker than any other fabrics keeping you drier and fresher.


Mosmann seemingly has their act together. As I mentioned in my Loungewear post, the have some comfortable and well-constructed items coming out of this Australian company. This one of the more fancy looking underwear I have reviewed, with a multiple-toned (spotted) design.  The Mosmann Active Collection is their first venture into “performance underwear”. And they did a heck of a job.

While their other underwear lines use the modal for moisture wicking (like the Noir Lounge Pant), each pair in the Active collection is constructed from the 95% CoolMax/5% Lycra in an effort to keep things cool when you are running or working out. Add in a well-constructed pouch, and you have yourself a solid pair of workout underwear.

During my tests, the waistband also held up to it’s end of the bargain and I did not have any dropping or moving issues.

Mosmann also has women’s styles, as well as loungewear, casual wearsocks and swimwear.

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