Kickstarter of the Week: FLUX – Climate controlled running gloves

Product: FLUX
Location: Norfolk, UK
Kickstarter End Date: Feb 8, 2015
Current Pledge: 3,414 of 5,000 pounds

To me, one of the more underrated pieces of running equipment is a good pair of running gloves. I don’t know about you, but this scenario happens to me most cold runs and races from October-March:

As we build up our pace, core temperature rises and the balance between the external cold and internal heat shifts. Heat and sweat need to be removed for the body to remain comfortable and at peak performance. We need to remove some insulation. Off come our old gloves, perhaps an outer layer, and by doing so we rebalance the thermal system and some comfort is maintained. But this breaks our flow and rhythm; we also have to carry our discarded gear. In addition the hands are unprotected against the cold and quickly respond by shutting off blood flow. No longer able to help with the efficient cooling of the core, they become painfully cold whilst the rest of us heats up!

Here comes FLUX, a climate controlled running glove which features a mesh construction ( blend of Nylon, Polyester and Elastane) in the palm of the hand and is activated by opening and closing the fist. Again, from their campaign:

When held in a fist, the mesh is unexposed and the hand is well insulated. When the hand is open the mesh becomes fully exposed, releasing heat and moisture away from the palm.

Though it seems pretty simple, there appears to be some science behind the glove design and the benefits of the construction. You can back the campaign for the equivalent of about $30 USD.

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