Remembering the Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon – and looking ahead to 2015

fueled-by-fine-wine-half-courseIt may be 6 months away, but the 2015 Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon in the Dundee Hills is one to get on your radar now! The 2015 event is scheduled for Sunday, July 12 and although things are still being worked through in regards to the course, be warned that this race WILL sell out.

Each year the course prides itself on changing things up to keep it fresh, as well as feature new wineries in the Dundee Hills AVA district and allow those annual runners to experience a new course every year.

Run Oregon bloggers participated in the 2014 event and expressed amazement at both the beauty and organization, as well as the challenge that it presented. From Matt’s recap:

But even despite my tired body and rush to finish, not even the hills over the first 5 miles (or at mile 12) could bring me down. The views were just too spectacular. The volunteers were too amazing. The treks through the wineries, while hilly, filled my heart with red-colored excitement. The conversation with another runner between miles 9-11.5 allowed me to forget a little bit about the silliness of my planning and focus just on the pure enjoyment of running.

From Anne’s recap:

The weather forecast promised a high of 97 F and a 30% chance of thunderstorms– the worst of all worlds– but I was hoping for once that the rain would come while we ran so my outdoor wedding could go on without too much agony for the guests. Meanwhile the course itself promised over 2,000 feet of elevation gain over 15-20% vineyards, 20-30% gravel, and 50-65% rolling (but paved) country roads. Sure enough, a few miles into those deadly hills storm clouds rolled in and gave us a respite from the otherwise unrelenting sun. While I was around Mile 8 and Amy was at Mile 10, the thunder, lightning, and hot summer downpour came. Other than fretting about frying the iPhone in my skirt’s back pocket on my wedding day, it was perfect. The trail portion of the race was done, and the rain massaged the Jory soil coating my body into an effortless and comical fake-bake tan.

The finish line came, the wine tasting began, and I claimed my gorgeous medal with a sweet pink “5” in the center of the logo (it was the fifth annual running of the event) and ultra-classy, stemmed, 21-ounce pinot wine glass. Last year I joked that the pinot glass was the best race swag I’d taken home since I snatched Scott at the Little Rock Marathon in 2012. This year offered an identical glass with the previously mentioned “5” added to the enter of the race logo– swag like this makes you forget little things like lactic acid and all the mean things you said to the hills a few miles ago.

And finally from Amy’s post:

But let me tell you this: nothing takes your mind of the pain like running through some of the most beautiful hillsides you have ever seen in your life. Truly, I kept stopping to take pictures and ooooohing and ahhhhhing over the scenery. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. Incredible. Unbelievable. Stunning. These are the words that came to my mind as I looked around me throughout the middle section of the course.

Your entry will come with a tech shirt, medal (they were big last year),  21 oz. Pinot Noir wine glass, AND admission to the after race party which includes tastings of acclaimed Dundee Hills AVA fine wines. The race is 100% local, so you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your money! Mark this one down, or better yet – REGISTER NOW!

Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon (Dundee)

When: Sunday, July 12
Where: Dundee Hills
Register: Online here; Beginning January 1, 2015 – $85 ; Beginning April 30, 2015 till sold out – $90


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