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My box from The Feed arrived with little fanfare. The small brown box was sealed with tape labelled “The Feed. Food for Athletes.” The tiny little box was surprisingly full of goodies.  As I looked through the items I was a bit overwhelmed. Filled with pre-workout, mid-workout, and post-workouts snacks and drink mixes, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d keep track of when to try what!  Some of the products were completely new to me, while others were familiar. Also included were some stickers and a welcome flier with some information about The Feed. Inside the box was a handwritten message from The Feed reading, “Run Oregon! Enjoy the snacks and run fast.” I’m always a sucker for that personal touch, so The Feed got bonus points from me right away.

I decided to dump out the box and organize things according to when to use them. I categorized them: Pre-Workout/Run, During Workout/Run, Post-Workout/Run and Miscellaneous. (I know, I may kind of over-think things sometimes!)  Then I decided to try one item each day – so I could get a good idea of how they made me feel and how well they worked, without adding too many variables at once. Some of the products I loved, some were O.K., and a couple of them were just not my thing.

What I enjoyed about this box was the ability to try some new things in small quantities and the option of trying out a flavor of something that I would never think to try to then discovering that it was yummy. That happened with a protein bar that I thought I was going to hate, but found it quite delicious. I also finally found a brand of protein shake that I actually liked!  That was a huge deal for me because I had given up on even trying because every flavor/brand that I bought in the past was terrible.

So, my box was pretty awesome and The Feed website is great, as well.  I was amazed at how much information can be found there. From information about various products to favorite items of a variety of athletes to a blog about all things active, and more. If you still have questions after perusing the website, you can email The Feed. I found that they respond in a very timely manner. More bonus points added for good customer service!

My starter box was pre-organized for me, so it was all a surprise. But, if you don’t like surprises, you can organize your own box with whatever you want. The amount of things you can choose from is truly awesome. From the usual to the hard to find, you can get everything from snacks to hydration and even some gear. It is the ultimate resource for fueling athletes.

You can order a one-time box or subscribe and receive a box every 4 weeks. Subscribing will save you 10% on the items you choose for your box, which you can change as often as you want. Shipping is free if your order is over $49, so stock up and save! And, trust me, as many options as you have at The Feed, you’ll be able to get free shipping easily because you will want to try it all!  I know I do.  I already have my eye on a few delicious looking bars that I’ve never seen anywhere else. I just may have to start filling my box soon!

Overall, The Feed was a positive experience and something I would definitely recommend to my active friends.  If you are stuck in a rut with that same protein bar or shake everyday, go check out The Feed.  It’s a whole new world of possibilities!

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