Gear Up for Fall and Winter Sports with adidas

As the summer sun begins to set and the calendar turns to September, sports fans around the world can’t help but feel the excitement in the air. After a long summer dominated by baseball (a favorite sport for many), the arrival of September brings a wave of other sports to look forward to – college football, pro football, hockey, and basketball.

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While many of us are passionate runners, and consider the Fall “Marathon Season” as opposed to “Football Season”, there’s no denying the thrill of supporting our favorite teams in various sports. Luckily, adidas has you covered with a wide range of gear to help you show your team spirit.

College Football: Show Your True Colors

When it comes to college football, we all know that adidas might not be synonymous with certain powerhouse teams like the Oregon Ducks. However, there are plenty of great orange and black options available for Beaver fans who want to represent Oregon State in style.

But what if your heart belongs to a team outside the state? Fear not! adidas offers a variety of college football jerseys for fans of different teams. Whether you’re a fan of the crimson and white of Alabama or the purple of Washington (blasphemy!), you can find the perfect jersey to support your favorite college football team.

Soccer: Embrace the Soccer Fever

adidas is renowned for its soccer gear, and there’s no shortage of options for soccer enthusiasts. Whether you’re into playing the beautiful game or simply want to represent your favorite team, adidas has it all. From cleats to turf shoes, and from jerseys to shirts, you’ll find a wide array of soccer gear to choose from.

For those supporting local soccer, don’t miss out on the Portland Timbers collection. adidas proudly offers gear featuring the iconic Timber’s green and gold colors, allowing you to cheer for your home team in style.

And let’s not forget the greatness that is Lionel Messi. The adidas collection featuring the legendary soccer star is a must-see. From Messi’s signature cleats to his personalized jerseys, you can embrace the magic of one of the greatest players in history.

Hockey: Sweater Weather

While adidas may not have an extensive hockey gear lineup, they do have something special for hockey fans – stylish sweaters. Hockey sweaters make for perfect casualwear, whether you’re attending a game or just want to stay cozy while supporting your favorite team.

There is nothing better than a perfect NHL sweater to keep you warm and stylish during those chilly game nights.

Basketball: Blaze Your Trail

Basketball enthusiasts are in for a treat with adidas’s range of black and red options – ideal for Blazers fans. Whether you’re hitting the court or watching your team play, adidas offers the latest in basketball gear and footwear.


Be sure to check out the latest Dame drop, featuring the Dame 8 EXTPLY shoes. Damian Lillard’s signature shoe line is a favorite among fans and players alike, known for its style and performance on the court. We can only hope (maybe?) he stays a member of the Blazers beyond the next few months.

Final Thoughts: Gear Up for a Spectacular Season

While adidas is known for its exceptional running gear and shoes, the arrival of fall and winter sports seasons offers an exciting opportunity to show your team spirit. Whether you’re a college football fanatic, a soccer enthusiast, a hockey devotee, or a basketball lover, adidas has you covered with a wide range of gear and apparel to support your favorite teams and athletes.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the Adizero Boston 12 and Adios 8 running shoes. In the meantime, embrace the spirit of the season and gear up to make this fall and winter a memorable one for sports fans everywhere. Get ready to show your colors and cheer for your teams with adidas.


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