Beaverton Half Marathon

10 Kilometers of Beaverton Bliss: Recapping the Beaverton 10K

Sometimes all the stars align to provide the perfect timing, perfect weather, and perfect opportunity for a race. And I was lucky enough to have those stars on my side on Saturday, September 9. I needed some miles for marathon training and my running partner was camping. And running is way more fun when you have a person to run with. Or a couple hundred persons in the case of my fantastic back-up plan: the Beaverton 10K.


The event had three distance options: 5K, 10K, or half marathon. All race participants started at the same 8am buzzer. The 5K participants had an out-and-back course so the crowds cleared a lot after the first 1.5 miles.

That first portion was also mainly on streets and sidewalks about the neighborhood, with a little bit on a busy road that had me grateful for lots of protective cones. The half marathon participants would be doing two loops of what I was going through, and I did not envy their bonus miles.

After the first few miles, the course shifted to paved trails through some parks, which were wonderful. Lots of shade, curves to keep engaged, and no too-big hills to dread getting over. Plus, aid stations were located about every mile so plenty of fluids as the morning temperatures increased.

There was one out-and-back portion that felt much farther than the 1.5 miles posted, which seems to be a trouble with late-race miles: always longer than I know they are.

The finish line was the same spot as the start, which meant participants ended in a spacious parking lot with lots of tables set up and some grassy patches. My after-race meal was a hot dog, chips, and cookies before 10am. And it was perfection. Plus, it was a great reason to stick around and cheer on the half marathon winner and other finishers coming through.

Overall, this was a great race that was well-organized, well-supported, and well worth the Saturday morning drive.

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