Deckers X Lab X-Scape Baja: A Jack of All Trades


Imagine for a moment that in the shoe world, Hoka and Crocs had a baby. You’d get the cross-comfort of a high-quality running/walking shoe mixed with a summer sandal/waterproof water shoe. Or, more specifically, you’d get the X-Scape Baja, made by Deckers X Lab.

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I received the X-Scape Baja in a bright white color. These shoes look like nothing I own. They have the swiss cheese holes and waterproof rubber you’d come to expect from a water shoe, but they are structured like a tennis shoe, tongue and laces included. The soft collar and knit tongue make them really easy to slide in and out of and the back end of the shoe has a square appearance to help stabilize you. There’s a decent amount of cushion too, which is evident immediately by sight and feel.

Function & Construction:

The X-Scape Baja is meant to travel easily between water and land. I can imagine these being perfect for a trip to the lake or on a weekend camping trip. Not only do these handle water well, but they dry quickly too, with those drainage holes and quick-drying materials throughout the shoe.

The midsole of this shoe is very cushy and there’s an anatomically molded footbed meant to help sore muscles and to aid in recovery. The collar is a soft luxe foam and the laces and tongue are made with moisture-wicking properties. The molded upper frame is made with a sugarcane IM-EVA material which is better for the environment than many other options.


I got my pair of X-Scape Bajas in a size 8.5, which is a half-size larger than my typical everyday shoe. I think I could have sized down to an 8, but they didn’t feel too big, especially when I adjusted the shoe laces. If you wear socks with these, size might be a consideration. (But isn’t there a rule against sandals and socks? I don’t know anymore since my son and all his friends are wearing Crocs with socks. I’m so confused.) Also, you can slip in and out of these without much effort at all.

Overall/For Consideration:

Who doesn’t want a jack of all trades in a shoe? The X-Scape Baja is great for all your adventures on land and water. You won’t have to wait long for them to dry out no matter how wet they get, and they are easy to clean. Multi-tasking is the name of the casual shoe lifestyle, and this one’s got the versatility to pull it off.

X-Scape Baja $69


  • Sugarcane IM-EVA midsole outsole combo underfoot
  • Sugarcane IM-EVA EVA molded upper frame above foot
  • Sorona bio-based Knit Tongue *Slip-on compatible
  • Soft molded EVA collar foam *Heel pillow comfort
  • Anatomical molded footbed
  • Non-wicking laces & tongue for quick drying and water sports use


Deckers X Lab

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Thank you to Deckers X Lab for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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