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Over the past few years, my kids continually see boxes of running shoes adorning our patio on a relatively frequent basis. It is a perk of owning a running blog I suppose. They get a little jealous, but I tell them they can focus on their literature skills and then come write for me and perhaps get some shoes of their own (ha!).

However, it is officially back-to-school time and thus, three growing girls need new shoes – and adidas is ready for us.

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We have talked recently about adidas making a splash in the running shoe game the past few years. We have been pleased with their options in this sphere and look forward to more and more coming out. But adidas also has options that obviously cross over beyond running shoes – and into a more casual sphere.

My kids love the looks of adidas – and with two middle schoolers amongst the trio, that’s a win in my book. Here are a couple cool options, but obviously there is a TON available to meet any style your little ones may desire.

Racer TR23 ($68): My oldest has a subdued color styleway. She generally wears muted colors and, while some pink will adorn outfits, it is just to accent a more standard style. Thus, the Racer TR23 falls right in line with her desires – a little smattering of color amidst a neutral main colorway. She says these feel light on her feet and she will be able to use them during gym class as easy as wearing with shorts or jeans.

Forum Low Shoes ($110): My middle daughter has giant feet. At only 11 years old, she boasts a women’s 10 (!) already. Thus, while she is a kid – she is clearly already firmly entrenched in women’s options. She is already as tall as my wife, and while she is proud of her height – she prefers a lower profile option. She says she does not need any extra help to tower over most of her friends. Thus, her selection of the Forum Low Shoes helps with this. These are a blend of ’70s basketball vibes and modern charm and come with multiple laces to add extra pop. Her bright personality shines through with these on her feet.

FORTARUN 2.0 Cloudfoam ($58): For you parents out there, you know how challenging it is to purchase shoes for elementary schoolers. I don’t know about you, but it seems like we went through three different sizes alone in Kindergarten! These shoes will hopefully last for at least a year size-wise (fingers crossed), but they are definitely primed and ready to hold up to the rigors that a 6-year-old puts on shoes. They look like true running shoes – and she loves that.

And because kids shoes are gone through so fast, we love that there are made with at least 50% recycled content – thus doing a little bit extra to help end plastic waste.

As school approaches (thank God, amiright parents?!) adidas should be your starting point. And maybe pick up some women’s running shoes or men’s running shoes for yourself as well – we all deserve to be comfortable and stylish!

Adidas Kid's Running Shoes


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