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In this feature, we highlight Alter Ego. I have seen an increased number of runners in their logo tops and sunglasses, but let’s get real, their running hats are the real MVPs here. We recently tried a few out.

Cruiser Fit Hats

We tried out the Cruiser Splash Orange Green Mountain. Hats from this collection are unstructured with plenty of breathability and solid qualities. 

In addition to being stylish, they are made with their AER Splash technology – which provides a water repellent quality to ensure your hat stays dry no matter what. These hats scoff at water by beading it up and letting it slide off like they’re in on some secret cosmic joke. The HyperPoly+ fabric is here to be your anti-sweat-stain superhero – protecting you from those awkward white lines that adorn so many running hats out there.

A really cool addition is the sneaky AER Run Pocket hidden in there, ready to stash your key.

The hat is super light and come with a snapback that makes adjustability super simple. There are about 20 colors in the collection, from bold prints to classic colors, so you should be able to find something that suits you and your wardrobe.

Coaster Fit Hats

We were sent the Coaster Splash Blue White Mountain. a beautiful option from the Coaster Collection. This collection is a performance trucker hat – complete with a curved brim and the contoured paneling that this style is known for.

However, instead of a heavy, mesh laden option, the Coaster Fit incorporates the same technology as the Cruiser Fit – just with a different vibe. It is still anti-sweat, water-repellant, and easily adjustable. It also has the same internal pocket for stashing.

I have run in truckers over the years, but usually end up ditching them pretty quickly as they become gross. This will not be an issue with the Cruiser Fit – and I’m here for it.

Alter Ego has other styles of hats as well, including their Trotter, Drifter, Traveler, Visors, and other themed collections.

Alter Ego Running Hats $49


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More about Alter Ego:

In 2018, three brothers set out to create the best running hats on earth; pulling together functionality with style and performance. All three of us are ultra runners and we wanted products that could last throughout a 100-mile run and still look good wearing around town while not running.

Thank you to Alter Ego for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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