Walking on Rainbows thanks to the Allbirds x Olivia Rubin collab

If there was ever a running shoe company tailored with Pacific Northwest sensibilities, it may be Allbirds. Their commitment to being an earth-friendly company – from the sourcing of the materials to the recyclable packaging – and their sustainability mantra are absolutely admirable and in line with the way most of us feel the running shoe game should be headed. We recently checked out on of their newest shoes from the amazing the Allbirds x Olivia Rubin collection.

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Olivia Rubin is a renowned British fashion designer known for her vibrant, bold, and eye-catching designs. Her signature style, often characterized by colorful prints and playful patterns, is seamlessly translated into the Allbirds Risers shoes.

The Men’s Risers shoes are not really running shoes – per se. They fall more into more casual wear – perhaps for walking and DEFINITELY for making a statement. Not only do these shoes – in any of their colorways – have sharp angles and a beautiful profile, it’s a comfortable option to keep your feet happy when you aren’t putting away the miles. They will even give you a little bit of height with a 1.25 inch platform (hence the name “Risers”).

There are a few colorways in the Risers, but hot damn if we don’t recommend getting the Limited Edition version that captures the essence of Olivia Rubin’s unique design ethos. Featuring a stunning multi-colored upper – harkening of Springtime – these shoes are an artful blend of style and sustainability. The playful mix of colors and patterns, carefully curated by Rubin, sets these shoes apart, making them a standout addition to your footwear collection.

I could spend paragraphs gushing over the looks – but really it’s just awesome. I’ll just end it there.

We recommend sizing up in these shoes. While most Allbirds options have been pretty true to size, standard sizing in the Risers fit pretty snug. The toebox looks wider than it feels as well. Just go big and you will be fine.

And because this is Allbirds, you get the commitment to sustainability as well.

  • The upper is constructed with a blend of recycled materials and premium natural fibers (three of their most sustainable materials: organic cotton, Tencel Lyocell Ripstop, and ZQ Merino Wool).
  • The midsole boasts their SweetFoam technology, made from sugarcane.
  • The outsole of the shoe is designed for enhanced traction and durability and made with natural rubber.

We can’t recommend these enough (when sizing up). Honestly, when I first got these, I can’t even tell you how many times I just pulled them out of the box and stared at them. I think my wife even got a little jealous!


Allbirds x Olivia Rubin - Riser 9 $140


  • Released: July 21, 2023
  • Weight:
    • 10.6oz. – Men’s 9
    • 8.3oz. – Women’s 7
  • Offset: 8.5mm
  • Colors: Blizzard; Natural Black; Bloom Coral


Allbirds x Olivia Rubin
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Thank you to Allbirds for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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