What RunOregon is Wearing: Reebok Floatride Run Fast

In full disclosure, I have not picked up a pair of Reebok shoes or worn them since high school, more than a few years ago. While I prefer to train in lightweight shoes that can double as racers, it is very helpful to have dedicated race shoes. I have owned several over the years, and appreciate that their cost is offset by the fact that they are generally usable for several years. When initially shown the picture of the Reebok Floatride Run Fast, the first word that came to mind was: aggressive.

Product Description from the Reebok website:

  • Materials: mesh engineered to create breathability
  • Best for: Long distance runs, including marathons, half marathons, 10Ks
  • Floatride Foam technology provides soft and lightweight cushioning for a responsive feel
  • Stabilizing EVA foam rim centers and balances your foot throughout gait cycle
  • Supportive heel cradle is specially contoured to help eliminate heel irritation
  • 8mm Drop

Skip some time because to a break due to an injury, and I was able to put these to the test. When healthy, I am a competitive road and trail runner (occasionally) and from the structure of the uppers, understood the Run Fast would only be a road shoe. I did try them out while doing some striders on ‘natural’ ground and proved to myself that the support was not sufficient for uneven terrain, at least for my feet and ankles. However, on the road, they had great traction and flexibility. The extremely flexible traction surface allows for a lot of play in the foot muscles, perfect for those who enjoy a more minimalist feel. I would definitely recommend a planned break in period for those who have not worn minimalist shoes in the past to avoid injury. Picking light weight shoes just for the sake of that factor is often not in the best interest of an untrained runner.

I have not raced in them yet, but did put them through their paces in a track workout that included 200 and 400 meter sections. The name Run Fast is not a misnomer. Even walking in them encourages the motion to get on the toes and go. They hold traction in quick acceleration and do not slip or bunch up on the feet. I had no issues with chafing or blisters. With an advertised weight of 6.6 oz, I can attest that I felt like I was wearing socks with thin rubber soles on the bottom. The uppers are mesh and are best paired with a fitted, breathable sock that is thin.

While advertised as best for long distance runs from the 10K to the marathon, I feel that these are 5K to 10K shoes. With enough training in them, I would be comfortable racing a half with the Run Fast. They are definitely a minimalist design and would take some training to acclimate the foot to the freedom of movement.

In summary, this is an amazing aggressive racer that sacrifices little with performance in mind. It checks all the boxes in qualities needed for a dedicated race shoe that will last a few seasons. The only downfall would be to correctly decide the maximum distance they should be worn for and realizing that for most courses, this would not be an appropriate trail or cross country shoe. After breaking them in with some track or speed work, they would be a great 5K racer with potential application flexibility. I am looking forward to utilizing them through the fall and winter to return to maximum competitive capability.

Reebok Floatride Run Fast


  • Solar Yellow
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Neon Lime

Weight: 6.6 oz


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