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Socks are hard to review. They are something that everybody needs, especially if you’re a runner, but how many things can you say about socks? Sometimes, we only talk about them, again as runners, when they are BAD. By bad, I mean they have seams that rub our feet wrong, they cause blisters, they itch, or they don’t stay up.

I can think of one instance where a runner friend had her no-show socks falling down from the walk in the parking lot to the race start, and it was bad enough that she stripped them off and ran the race without ANY socks and ended up with shoes full of blood. And that’s where socks get VERY important.

SHYU socks don’t do any of the bad things mentioned above. We received a few pairs of SHYU racing socks – a cool take on the genre.

What really sets SHYU apart is their commitment to matching socks with the shoes you are likely to be wearing on race day. You can search by shoe type – Nike, ASICS, Adidas, and New Balance – and find a style that matches up with those company’s popular race day super shoes. They even describe each one:

We designed these to complement Nike©’s latest carbon plated Alphafly Next% 2 and Vaporfly Next% 2 super-shoe range, but they also pair with their Zoom Fly 5, Pegasus, Tempo Next % and other shoes in their unmistakable orange, crimson and black colourway.

Even if you don’t happen to be racing in one these shoes, there is likely an option you can make work. For example, I paired the Orange/Crimson/Black option (under Nike) with my new Salomon Aero Volts. I paired the White | Mint | Volt with my Hoka Rocket X2.

Even if you don’t care about matching your socks to your shoes, the Orange version and the Pine/Yellow/Green are great for showcasing your allegiance to OSU or the U of O year round.

SHYU also has more neutral colored – white and black – training socks as well, when matching may not be as much of an issue.

Outside of fun colors, SHYU socks are super comfortable and functional as well. They are made from 97% nylon / 3% elastane, and have a small reflective logo, anti-sweat ventilation, arch support, and a seamless toe.

The socks come in a mid-crew (my favorite), as well as a shorter no-show tab option. The tab will provide that little dollop of matchiness.

Overall, these are a fun addition to my race day kit and we recommend trying them out!

SHYU Racing Socks 17.99


Thank you to SHYU for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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