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With the sunny days this summer, I have been going for a lot more walks instead of runs. It has been the perfect timing to try out the Smirk sunglasses from Tifosi.

Tifosi Optics has gained quite a reputation for producing high-quality and affordable eyewear, and the Smirk is no exception. They have been in the business for years, and their commitment to delivering stylish and functional sunglasses is evident in their products. Tifosi is known for their attention to detail and their ability to cater to various outdoor activities. Whether you’re into running, cycling, or simply lounging on the beach, Tifosi is a brand you can trust to provide reliable eyewear.

♫♪ I’m Your…Brown Eyed Man ♪♫

The Smirk glasses come in a variety of colors but we opted for the Matte Blue Tortoise – a fun and colorful option that is a part of their new Be You Collection. This collection supports inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community in the outdoors.  For every purchase, $1 is donated to the non-profit, Outside Safe Space (inclusive of a minimum donation) which provides LGBTQ+ allies a way to help make everywhere a queer friendly space. 

For a pair that starts under $30, these definitely catch the eye. They have a sleek and modern design that exudes a sporty vibe. The frame is made of lightweight and durable Grilamid TR-90 material, which not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also ensures a comfortable fit.

The hydrophilic rubber nose grip assists with keeping the glasses secure. I did find that this version fits a little narrower on the face overall (just a tiny bit). If you have a wider head you may desire to seek a different Tifosi pair that stretches the width a little bit more.

The frame is not only lightweight but also resistant to impact, making it ideal for active individuals. I’ve already dropped them several times with not a scratch or dent (aka much better looking than my cell phone).

The lenses are made from polycarbonate, which is known for its strength and clarity. They provide excellent protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring your eyes stay safe during outdoor activities.

While the lenses provide excellent clarity, it’s important to note that they are not polarized, which means they may not offer the same level of glare reduction as polarized lenses in extremely bright conditions. However, for most general outdoor use – including running- the Tifosi Smirk lenses perform admirably.

Tifosi has been the sunglasses company we keep coming back to. With their fun style options and solid construction, along with a solid starting pricepoint, they really check all the boxes.

Tifosi Smirk Sunglasses $29.95


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Thank you to Tifosi for providing us with test  sunglasses. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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