Pushin’ It in Cushion with the new Skechers GO RUN Maxroad 6

The folks at Skechers just want you to GO RUN and they are really serious about it. Their GO RUN Ride shoes have become one of the shoes we reach for in the morning when I need some pep in our AM runs and they don’t let me down. But now we have another pair of Skechers to add to the rotation – the Skechers GO RUN Maxroad 6.

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Nikki: Fate intervened and gave me my absolute favorite color in the new GO RUN MaxRoad 6. I received the blue and lime combo and they are gorgeous and cheery and I couldn’t wait to get them on my feet and outside into the summer sun. The heel looked big like a cushy cloud but when I took them out of the box they didn’t feel as heavy as I would expect.

Matt: Our men’s version came in a bold and BRIGHT neon yellow. There are some blue accents – but it’s overwhelmingly loud all around. If neon yellow isn’t your style, the men’s comes in a more standard black with some slight yellow accents. I will echo what Nikki said – the heels and midsole look huge. They don’t fit as thick as they look however – which is a good thing. More on that later.

Function & Construction

These shoes have it all. Arch Fit insoles with that podiatrist certified arch support, the HYPER ARC efficiency, and the Hyper Burst Ice dual-density technology that keeps your run soft but stable too by some miracle. These also have the carbon-infused forefoot plate that offers a high stiffness-to-weight ratio.

So what do all of those stats and fancy names mean? It means efficiency in every single stride and energy return up the wazoo. It means comfort without sacrificing quality or functionality. It means that these shoes are the cat’s pajamas.


Nikki: Just as all the Skechers I’ve tested in the GO RUN series, the new GO RUN MaxRoad 6 feel like the perfect fit. They are so incredibly soft, unlike any other brand. Additionally, the engineered mesh upper is stretchy and breathable. They are extremely cushy, and even with my wide toebox, these hug my feet comfortably and without restriction.

These shoes will take a little getting used to when you slip them on for the first time. They do feel “tall,” for lack of a better word. The extra stack height could make you feel a little wobbly until you have them on for a bit. I did briefly wonder about rolling an ankle until my feet found their footing in them. However, as soon as I took off on my first run, these felt amazing!! I was FLYING! Well, maybe not, but in my mind, I sure felt like it.

Matt: I have had an on-again, off-again relationship with tall and soft shoes over the years. Some have been really welcome additions, where some other haven’t held up as well and fell to the wayside. I highlighted the looks above and when I pulled out, I gulped a little bit. I’m not against something that high, but it just loomed large.

I ended up being pretty pleasantly surprised on my first run. I decided to take out on a mid-afternoon summer run – where I knew I was gonna go slower than usual. There is a surprisingly solid amount of support in the upper and around the ankle. Nice work Skechers. It’s not the most stable shoe you will ever run in, but for something with a 41mm stack height – it really does super well.

The ride is for sure cushioned but has yet to hurt my feet. This can sometimes be an issue for me – too cushioned = arch pain. Chalk that up to the Arch Fit insole most likely. The weight is a tad heavier than the Skechers GO RUN Ride, but surprisingly they don’t feel as heavy as they look. Somehow, Skechers makes these light (10.9 oz in men’s 9; 8.5 oz in women’s 7), even with the cush factor.


The thing that continues to amaze us about Skechers (and that I can’t stop talking about with clients and outher runners,) is how they FEEL. I’ve tried just about every brand and style of running shoe out there, and Skechers are still the shoes that I recommend to everyone.

Skechers GO RUN MAXROAD 6 $145


  • Stack Height: 35mm-41mm
  • Offset: 6mm
  • Weight:
    • 8.5oz (women’s 7)
    • 10.9oz (men’s 9)


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Thank you to Skechers for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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