Hello (hello…hello…hello…) It’s the new On Cloudboom Echo 3

I’m admittedly late to hop aboard the On bandwagon, but now that I have, it’s easy to see why the brand has become a top contender for runners around the world. In fact, the women’s 2023 Boston Marathon champion, Hellen Obiri, wore a marathon/triathlon specific prototype design from the Zurich-based company. On may be considered relatively new when you compare it to other major running brands, however, since its inception, it continues to make a name for itself with its impressive, ever-advancing performance footwear.

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Their latest offering, the Cloudboom Echo 3, is just another example of this. Set to release in July 2023, and touted as On’s fastest ever racing shoe, this is the pair that you’ll definitely want to reach for if you’re aiming to smash your next PR. It’s also gonna be a financial investment to do so as well.


Aesthetically speaking, I’ve found that On running shoes are generally always three things: sleek, innovative, and uniquely funky (in the coolest way possible). The Cloudboom Echo 3 took away a bit of the funkiness in the mid-sole, and replaced it with a slightly more streamlined look. At this time, they’re available for both men and women in undyed-white/mint. Living in the (mostly rainy) PNW, I normally shy away from white running shoes, but these shoes look undeniabley fresh.

Fit & Construction:

On seems to have a more narrow fit when compared to other running brands, which is honestly perfect for someone with inredibly narrow feet, like myself. I was able to stick with my usual size and didn’t feel like my feet were constantly shifting around. The upper of the Cloudboom Echo 3 is constructed in a breathable microfiber that offers excellent ventilation, while reducing water absorbtion during runs. This means your feet stay cool and blister-free; always a plus in my book.

The upper also incorporates a minimalistic design, providing a snug and secure fit without sacrificing flexibility. The shoe’s tongue and collar, while incredibly thin, are adequately padded and tailored, meaning zero chaffing or digging into my ankles. Finally, weighing in at at a whopping 217g, these shoes are ridiculously lightweight – a pretty important feature to look for when your goal is to run fast and far.


The midsole of the Cloudboom Echo 3 showcases On’s signature CloudTec technology and a full-length carbon plate. It features a Pebax superfoam which provides a balance of cushioning and energy return. The foam is strategically placed to optimize impact absorption and deliver a responsive ride, ensuring a comfortable yet explosive running experience. The midsole’s construction efficiently absorbs shock and minimizes fatigue during long-distance runs.

I’ve run in quite a few different carbon plated shoes to date, and the Cloudboom Echo 3’s are probably the most impressive in terms of shock absorption. I’ve really enjoyed taking these on longer, faster runs and not experiencing the normal post-long run fatigue that I normally do.


The outsole of the Cloudboom Echo 3 is designed for maximum traction and durability. Its unique rubber compound is highly durable and responsive to the varying demands of the road. The outsole works in conjunction with the midsole to provide a smooth and efficient toe-off while maintaining reliable grip on multiple surfaces.

Overall Impression:

The Cloudboom Echo 3 is a top-tier running shoe that combines lightweight construction, responsive cushioning, and a secure fit. I especially love the light-weight propulsiveness that these shoes provide, making longer runs and tempo efforts feel like an absolute breeze.

That being said, this is not an inexpensive shoe. At $270, it is potentially something you may need to take a long look at before considering pulling the trigger. The tech and feel is there – but is your wallet…?

I’m looking forward to wearing these in a race setting (Portland Marathon, anyone?) but for now, these have been so fun to run in casually. The thoughtful design and innovative technologies make it an obvious choice for runners looking to push their limits and achieve their best performance.

On Cloudboom Echo 3 $269.99


Weight: 7.7 oz – Men’s 9

Offset: 9mm


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