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You’re a runner, so…do you know about Skechers? If you don’t associate Skechers with running, you need to get up to speed.  Skechers makes some comfortable running shoes and seems to continue to get better. I’ve ever tried. Nikki reviewed the Go Run Ride 10 last year and now we’ve got the Go Run Ride 11 in our hot little hands. Or rather, on our feet.

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Nikki: When I opened the box from Skechers, I was pleasantly surprised to see the black and pink set staring back at me. In the photos, they quite honestly looked a little like something Barbie might wear for a run, but I really dig them IRL. They are really cute and still kind of slick at the same time.  The pink is more subtle than you’d think and black is always a classic.

Matt: The men’s version comes in a few different color options – blue (reviewed) or black with neon highlights. There are also rumors of a grey option forthcoming, but we will see. Overall, the looks are pretty simple and straightforward – which isn’t always a bad thing. There is a little fad styling with a lighter color in the front and a darker color in the back, but overall its a shoe that looks (and functions) like a running shoe.


The Go Run Ride 11 – the official training shoe of Edward Cheserek – is truly a neutral shoe. These are meant to be responsive and efficient. They probably are the cushiest ride of all the shoes in my closet, despite the fact that they don’t look like marshmallows like many of the others. We’ll get to that more in the “Fit” section though.

In all honestly, the midsole is super cushy – making it a really solid option across numerous run types. Need something to keep your feet supported as you go longer distances? These hold up quite well. Need something cushioned during a slow recovery run? These also have you covered. The Go Run Ride 11 is a really solid daily training shoe.



The Go Run Ride 11 features a seamless and breathable mesh material that wraps around the foot snugly, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The upper is well-padded around both the heel and on the tongue and designed to promote airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry during long runs. It’s a little thicker than those in prime race day shoes, but it keeps the foot locked in nicely.


The midsole of the Skechers Go Run Ride 11 is where this shoe truly shines. It features an innovative cushioning system that provides a responsive and energizing ride. The shoe utilizes Skechers’ HyperBurst Ice midsole foam, which is incredibly lightweight and offers excellent shock absorption properties. Then toss in the carbon-infused forefoot plate will ensure some superb energy return.

Carbon plates (in our opinion) have a tendency to be a little too rigid under foot. However, the combo of the plate with the midsole foam really makes for a surprisingly comfortable ride. It really is a nice balance between cushioning and responsiveness, providing a supportive and comfortable experience for runners of all levels. Add in the HYPER ARC technology (podiatrist certified arch support) and you get a supportive and efficient stride.

Nikki: I really don’t think anything else I own can compare to Skechers. They feel soft and relaxed. It’s not just that the cushion feels good on my feet, it’s that the shoes feel like they are perfectly worn in, like a really comfortable couch that molds to your body and lets you sink into heaven. But what’s truly amazing about this in the Go Run Ride is that they feel like that from the very first wear, and you don’t have to waste 200-400 miles on them to get them there. They have a ton of “GO” in them from the start.

Matt: I did feel that there was a little instability in the coupling of the cushioned midsole and relatively high stack. It likely wouldn’t have an effect on most runners, but if your ankle and feel require that, give these a test run first. Overall however, these are a really great shoe and a really great price. Good luck finding as much comfort and function packed into a $125 package.


The Goodyear Performance Outsole of the Skechers Go Run Ride 11 is durable and designed for optimal traction on various surfaces. It’s Goodyear after all – thus they probably know a thing or two about traction.

It features a high-abrasion rubber material that provides excellent grip and stability. The outsole incorporates a strategic pattern of flex grooves, allowing for natural foot movement and flexibility. Additionally, the outsole’s construction looks like it is going to go the distance.


The specs on the Go Run Ride 11 are slightly different from the version 10, and this equates to a slightly heavier shoe. However, we didn’t notice any difference at all. These shoes will not weigh you down, which is amazing considering how comfortable they are. In fact, the Skechers Go Run Ride feels much lighter than most of my other shoes in rotation currently.

Highly Recommended!

Skechers $125


  • Stack height: 32mm – 38mm
  • Offset: 6mm
  • Weight:
    • Womens (size 7): 7.6oz
    • Mens (size 9): 9.8oz
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Thank you to Skechers for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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