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When I was in my 20’s, I didn’t really give a lot of thought to sun damage even though I knew I probably should. Now in my 40’s, I recognize that coverage out on those hot summer days (or even on the colder overcast ones) is essential for my health as well as my vanity (because who wants to add more lines to those wrinkles that are coming in?)

Outdoor Research is a company that’s been on the radar for outdoor enthusiasts for many years now. OR is known for functional products that are also practical and serve a purpose. They are well known because they make good products that will last throughout many adventures.

The Swift Bucket Hat is the perfect protection for your face and your neck when you’re camping, hiking, fishing, or just out and about. It’s extremely lightweight and the mesh panels on the sides of the hat offer great ventillation so your head won’t get as sweaty when you wear it in the heat.  Even better than that, it’s UPF rated 40+ to protect you from harmful rays of sunshine. I love the cheery colors of this hat too, as it’s makes me think about hanging out on a boat on a lake somewhere.

Light and airy, the bucket hat folds easily into any bag and if it’s on your head, you forget you’re wearing it.  It’s water resistant and it dries very fast. The Swift Air Cap is another awesome choice for days where you need some shade on your face but you don’t want something heavy that will trap in all the heat as you sweat.

This cap, like the bucket hat, has mesh side panels and a UPF 40 rating. It’s also quick-drying and about as light as a feather. The brim is flexible, so it packs up really easy too. Some caps give me headaches or bother my ears, but the Swift Air Cap feels like absolutely nothing when I put it on my head. The light color is helpful in the heat as well.

Lastly, if  you are more of a visor lover, Outdoor Research has you covered there too. You’re getting the best of both worlds with the freedom of air on your head but the shade of a brim in the Swift Visor. As with the other hat options mentioned, this visor is quick-drying and light. It’s made with recycled nylon fabric.

The TransAction headband is great for wicking away any sweat and the UPF will help protect you from those harmful rays of sun. The fabric under the brim is a dark color to help with glare from the bright sunshine. The visor (as well as the cap) has a quick-release buckle in the back.

Whatever you might need this summer, Outdoor Research likely has something that will help scratch that itch. We have a few vacations planned while the kids are out of school, and these Swift products with their Sun-Shielding, UV-Resistant protection will slide into my bags quite easily.  Bring on the sun!!!

Outdoor Research $28-$38


  • Swift Bucket Hat (shown in Rhubarb/Ultramarine/Lavender)
    • Weight:2.11 oz
  • Swift Air Cap (shown in Iceberg/Titanium)
    • Weight: 1.37 oz
  • Swift Visor (shown in Space Jam)
    • Weight: 1.48 oz

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