New Shoes in our Arsenal: SCOTT Pursuit Ride

With a rich heritage spanning decades, SCOTT has established itself as a leader in the outdoor industry, consistently delivering cutting-edge designs that push the boundaries of comfort, durability, and style. Their outdoor stylings are probably a bit more heavy on the wintersports and cycling side, but they do have a variety of running options as well.

While I have heard of SCOTT, this is our first real review from the brand. It’s always exciting to explore new options in footwear, and SCOTT seems like they could be a promising addition to our collection with the Pursuit Ride.


The Pursuit Ride running shoes are pretty straightforward visually. They come in two colors – white and orange – and don’t exactly scream cutting edge in their looks. The white version almost looks like a shoe you would wear to the gym as opposed to on the road.

However, that’s not really a knock against them, as running shoe companies are often toeing the line with style and flair – and sometimes missing the mark as a result. The Pursuit Rides are simplistic – which isn’t a bad thing. The combination of breathable mesh upper and overlays add a little bit to a sportier and more dynamic appearance.

Fit & Construction

When it comes to fit and performance, the Pursuit Ride running shoes deliver a satisfying experience. The shoes offer a true-to-size fit, providing ample room in the toe box for natural foot movement. The simple and  lightweight construction and flexible upper allow for unrestricted running motion.

Honestly, these shoes provide a more cushioned feel that make them a solid everyday trainer option. If you desire more road feel in a shoe, the bounce to these may not check your boxes. However, you If you desire a more bouncy feel, these should be right up your alley.


The upper construction, while simple in looks, really does quite well. The engineered mesh with TPU construction allows for excellent ventilation during runs and the overlays provide added support and stability, especially around the midfoot and heel areas.

The real standout up here is the cushioning on the heel and tongue. I have found some running shoes cut down the cushioning up top in an effort to cut weight. While the Pursuit Ride isn’t specifically designed as a race-cutting racing option, at ~8.5 oz (M9) it is still quite manageably light – even with this cushion. Thus, it huge the foot and keeps it pretty stable along the way.


The midsole of the Pursuit Ride running shoes is built for comfort and responsiveness. Even though it is a more cushioned shoe by design, which can mean a lack of energy return in some cases, the rocker (ER2 – Evolved Rocker Technology) does a good job at giving a little oomph to counterbalance that feeling. The Kinetic Foam provides a soft and light ride without feeling like you are melting into a cloud.

SCOTT apparently has many (most?) shoes with some slight arch support. I didn’t notice it straight away in the Pursuit Ride, but after a little bit, I felt as if it provided a little something extra there – which I (as someone who desires more support there) enjoyed.

Even with this, I think the Pursuit Ride performs at its best as a comfortable, easy mileage, everyday training shoe.


We always find outsoles sort of difficult to review – unless there is something super unique…or super bad.

The Pursuit Ride is pretty standard as far as an outsole goes – with rubber strategically placed on the toe and heel portions. They have been providing solid traction and durability thus far – though we haven’t had the ability to take them out in wet weather. The outsole features a rubber compound that offers reliable grip on various surfaces, whether you’re running on the road or tackling uneven trails.


The Pursuit Ride has been a really (surprisingly?) pleasurable shoe to run in. I say “surprising” because when trying out a brand for the first time – it’s always unclear what you are gonna get. It is evident that SCOTT knows how to make a shoe and this performs very admirably.

While it may not be the most stylish running shoe ever created, looks are typically the least important thing to consider when selecting one that works for you. What matter is comfort and function. And the Pursuit Ride provides those for runners desiring a well-cushioned, easy-miles trainer that will keep your feet happy when you aren’t looking to push the pace too much.

SCOTT Pursuit Ride $150


  • Weight: ~8.4 oz (Women’s 9)
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 8mm
  • Stack height (heel/toe): 30mm/22mm


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Thank you to SCOTT for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.
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