Racing Through the Waves: Oregon Dunes Triathlon and Duathlon

When the beach is your happy place and running is your hobby, then a race at the beach is part of a great weekend. And then add in the challenges of 10 miles on a bike and some swimming or paddling to score a perfect weekend.

The Oregon Dunes Triathlon and Duathlon invites athletes to join in for one of their four race options on Saturday, June 10th. Participants chose from the Triathlon, Paddle Triathlon (swapping 750 meter paddle for the swim), Duathlon (skip the swim), or Aqua Bike (skip the run). No matter the distance or event, the course provides beautiful views starting and ending at Woahink Lake. Race leaders promise the finish is “an epic and unforgettable climb up the Oregon Dunes.”

The swimming event is in Woahink Lake, which is typically in the 60s so wetsuits will be recommended (possibly required). The biking portion has racers following country roads around Dunes City, with some challenging hills along the 10.5 mile route. Then the running section is a mix of grass, trail, and paved roads with that climb at the end.

See more about Oregon Dunes’s 2018 event through their posted video.

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