The Numbers Don’t Lie: Adidas Sunglasses are Pretty Great

Even as self-proclaimed runners, in a region that seems to be grey more often than sunny, a good set of eyeglasses is a necessity. Good for reducing glare, easing visibility and protecting the eyes from unwary bugs, they definitely get some use in all seasons. We have been trying out several pairs from Adidas over the past month or so.

Adidas 0067

The Adidas OR0067 sunglasses are a stylish and functional choice for anyone looking for reliable eye protection during outdoor activities. The design is sleek and modern, with a matte black frame and subtle Adidas branding in metal on the temples. The frame shape seems like it would be flattering on most face shapes, and while not a full wrap, provides solid coverage and protection from the sun’s rays (when they exist in the PNW).

In terms of specifications, the Adidas OR0067 sunglasses are polarized, which helps to reduce glare and improve visibility in bright conditions – which makes them a practical choice for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike, The lenses provided enough sun protection without being overly dark, though I definitely think these are made for more full sunlight than lower light conditions. I also noticed was that my sweat seemed to wipe off much easier and I don’t know if this was due to a protective coating on the lens or not but as a sweaty runner, it was nice not having the distracting droplets sticking right in the middle of my view.

I will say that if you have longer eyelashes, these may not provide you with enough space between the lens and your eyes. Again, with how light they are and how well they fit they do a really good job at a reasonable price.

They come in 3 colors on Eyeons.

adidas SP0057

The adidas SP0057 sunglasses are lightweight, full coverage and most importantly stay put whether you’re bounding down the trail or gliding through a speed workout. I didn’t have any problems with fogging, and I liked how the grips keep them from bouncing or sliding down my nose during the run. They come in a hard sided case with a zipper, so you can keep them from getting crunched or scratched in your gear bag. They’re available in seven color combinations, with lenses that offer your favorite level of shade.

The construction is impressive, with high-quality materials used throughout. The frame is super lightweight and the first thing I noticed was how well they fit. The frames are extremely lightweight and very sturdy and the tips are flexible to find the optimum fit. They formed quite nicely to my face and felt very secure, even without making any adjustments on the frame.

They come in 7 colors.

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