Qualité et beauté en un: Janji and the French West Indies Collection

We have been reviewing Janji items for a while now and they continue to impress us with their style and functionality. On top of that, we also love their take on the running world – that it’s a universal connector of people and that their apparel should strive to express that.

Their most recent collection hails from designs from the French West Indies, which is “about the connection of Nature, Art, and Movement as powerful inputs into who we are as individuals and runners. The newest prints and colors represent a bold, energetic homage to the vibrant Caribbean islands of the French West Indies“. We recently checked out a few items!

I get a ton of compliments every time I wear a Janji product and they are comfortable and durable. The 7/8 Pace Tight and Pace Sports Bra are no different. Both items feature the Cyanotype Foliage pattern – a collaboration with Janji Team member Justine Fèdronic, who is an artist, an educator, and a 2016 Olympian.

7/8 Pace Tight

If you like pockets on your tights, you are in luck! The Pace Tights have 4 pockets, which should be plenty for all the items that you might need while on a run. There are two deep side pockets that will accommodate any sized phone and they are plenty deep and expansive. In addition to that, there is an internal waistband pocket that’s perfect for a key or even a small card/ID.

My favorite feature is the back pocket which also doubles as a pass-thru system. What this means is that if you are wearing a shirt that you wish to ditch, you can thread it through this back hole and keep moving. No tying it around your waist or tucking it into your pants. You could also use this back pocket to store things, like your nutrition or even a skinny water bottle. I wish all tights had this feature.

The Groundwork fabric is a moisture-wicking nylon which is very durable as well as breathable. You won’t feel weighed down and heavy when you start to sweat in the Pace line. You immediately feel the quality of the material when you slide into it, as it’s thick and stretchy, though not overly hot. The tag on these says the tights are meant for “transitional” weather between 30-70◦ F, so for neither too cold or too hot temperatures –  for the PNW.

The tights have a laser cut hem at the ankle, which allows for a seamless finish and they come on and off like a dream. The ergonomic seams are carefully placed so there’s no chafing or irritation anywhere.

These tights won’t sag, even with all those pockets. They are intentionally very compressive, so if you don’t like leggings to be tight, you’d want to size up. I like them to be snug because the “second skin feel” means not having to constantly adjust them when you’re on the go. There’s an internal Infinity drawstring too, so you can cinch them up as tight as you need them to be at the waist. This is a definite plus for my pear-shaped body type.

The 7/8 length on the tights is perfect for my height, which is 5’-4.” These hit me just below my ankle bone, so if you’re on the tall side, they will be shorter on you.

Pace Sports Bra

The Pace bra is definitely a high impact bra with lots of support. As a woman, it’s important to feel secure but not bound in a straight jacket, and that’s a surprisingly hard task to accomplish as a female runner who wears a D cup. The tag says it’s got “medium support up to a DD” and it felt as secure, (if not more so,) than any of the better running bras in my current collection.  As an extra bonus, this bra has anti-chafe seams and even a front key pocket.

The bra is lightly padded and the inserts are removable, so you can decide if you’re pro-pads or prefer the freedom without them. There is a power mesh lining which insures breathability as well as support. This is a very well made bra.

The bra, also a bit compressive, provides ample support while you are running. The elastic waistband is thick and has good stretch to it. I have felt no hot spots while running that would cause chafing. The cross-back straps not only look cute, but are functional as well.  They help evenly distribute the weight across the  shoulders and they stay up just fine too.

Now on to the Men’s Stylings:
Run All Day Tank

After a long (loooooooooooong) Winter and dreary Spring, things have started to venture into warmer temps finally. Tank top weather!

This Run All Day Tank is a must-have for anyone who loves to run with lightweight ( 3 ounces!!) coverage. The construction and fit are excellent, and it feels like it was designed specifically for me. The tank is made with a lightweight and breathable material that allows me to move around freely and stay cool. With most Janji gear I recommend sizing up if you fall between – and I will echo that here.

The All Day Tank is made from 100% polyester with HeiQ® Fresh treatment (i.e. stink control). It is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying to assist with not weighing you down too much on those sweat inducing jaunts. It also has a UPF 25+ sun protection rating, which is great (still cover up though!). Add in the cool French West Indies colorway (the gold – i.e. Cyanotyple Soleil) is super fun.

8″ Trail Half Tight

I have always wanted a pair of running tights. I don’t fit the typical runner body, so generally I prefer a little more wiggle room. However, it was high time to try one out – and with the purple (Cyanatope Papaya), I couldn’t say no.

First off, I have to say that the construction and fit of these shorts are top-notch. They’re made with a blend of 68% nylon, 32% spandex that feels incredibly lightweight (4.5 ounces) and stretchy, so you can move around in them with ease. The waistband is also really comfortable and doesn’t dig in, even when you’re doing some hardcore running. And the length is just right – not too short where I felt self-conscious, but not too long where I felt like I was wearing capris. Overall, I’m really impressed with how well these shorts fit and how comfortable they are.

The Half Tight has a few key features that make them a great choice for any outdoor activity. First, they have stretchy side pocket that’s big enough to hold a few key items. There is also a loop on the back to hang a towel or a sweaty shirt if you desire. They are also made with Janji’s signature sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabric, so you can stay cool and dry even when you’re working up a sweat. All in all, these shorts are a solid choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, functional pair of running shorts. I also feel they are a good starting point for runners like me who don’t always run in tight shorts.

I don’t think we’ve ever been let down by a Janji product, so everything was pretty on target as expected. If you haven’t tried this brand, it’s worth checking out. You can also join the Janji Collective for a discount and to help in their mission to bring everyone clean water. You absolutely won’t regret it.


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Thank you to Janji for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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