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Finish the Race.

Three simple words that can actually have a lot of different meanings.

From the running perspective, this phrase can be literally taken as completing that 10k, half, or ultra. While that’s simple in nature, us runners can attest that there are often a lot of smaller races to be ran within an event. Whether that is breaking down and completing a marathon into 8 5k-ish chunks. Perhaps it includes committing to a training plan to get race ready. Or maybe it just means finding the motivation to get up in the morning, put on the running shoes, and step outside the door. There are a lot of “races” within a running journey that don’t end up with a finish time at the end.

This is just a running analogy, but within life itself there are a lot of races going on in each of our lives too. That is the true meaning behind apparel company Finish the Race (FTR):

After losing his father to lymphoma at the age of 13, Joel Glotfelty heard a lot of people say that his dad “Finished The Race.” However, it wasn’t until he faced struggles of his own, culminating in a brain injury that put all of his dreams in jeopardy, that he learned what that phrase truly meant. There was an overhwleming realization that life isn’t one big race, but an accumulation of many small races, and each step forward you take, no matter how small, keeps you moving towards the finish line.

To finish each race we need to stay focused on hope for a better future because hope gives us the motivation to persevere. FTR is an emblem designed to give everyone the power to wear their hope on their sleeve and walk alongside everyone else who is in the middle of their own race.

FTR sent us a few shirts from their collection and they are all great. There is something for everyone’s style – from straightforward options that are classic in color and style, to more flamboyant and energetic options. There are collections for each:

The shirts are made with lightweight 100% combed ringspun cotton – providing quality and comfort in one. It is pre-laundered so it shouldn’t shrink too much with multiple wears.

FTR isn’t just tee shirts – they also have a variety of options for shorts/leggings, sweatshirts, and accessories as well.

FTR is a non-profit, meaning that 100% of net proceeds from sales are donated to the five organizations they currently support.

Sure, this is an apparel company – but I think all of us can be inspired or reminded that whatever life throws at us – good or bad – we need to keep moving toward that finish line. The race is never over while we are still here. And that’s something we can all toe the starting line for.

Finish the Race


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