No Days Off with Tracksmith’s Winter Tops

Trackhouse Sweatshirt

If there was ever a piece of clothing that is a staple in the PNW – it may just be a hoodie. These come in all sorts of fits and functionality – from a heavy cotton option that is made for relaxing in to thin options that keep you protected from the sun. Tracksmith’s Trackhouse Sweatshirt takes the hoodie and adds their own spin on it – creating a multifunctional piece that is designed to last.

Instead of being an overly baggy option that loses its shape and fit after a few washes, Tracksmith delivers this version in a soft reverse-weave cotton blend that keeps pilling at bay. The sides, cuffs, and hem of the top are ribbed to assist in keeping this fitting this right year-after-year and wash-after-wash. NOTE: Air dry this OR tumble dry it to shrink it down. We did find that our sample did seem to fit a little short on the torso, so you may want to consider a size up for additional length coverage.

We would be remiss to note that this is a heavier weight option and probably not ideal as a solely for running piece. That’s not to say that it couldn’t be done – it’s just more suited as an option to warm-up in before those early morning races, and cool-down in after putting in the miles. In fact, this is almost as much a running accessory as it is running apparel – a piece that accompanies your runs, supports your mantra, and adheres to your desired comfort, not during running but AS a runner as a whole. It’s just a hooded masterpiece.

The Trackhouse Sweatshirt comes in 8 colors.

NDO Wind-Block Mockneck

The NDO Wind-Block Mockneck is a really unique item – almost a hybrid casual / running option that is as functional as it is classic.

The look is simple and straightforward. No, there is not emblazoned logo strewn across the chest – a la options with an alma mater or sports logo. There is the standard sash that runs diagonally – in the same color, but with a different construction – that whissssspers that it’s a Tracksmith – but doesn’t scream it in your face.

The construction is anything but straightforward. Somehow this does a really amazing job at blocking the wind while staying surprisingly lightweight. Last month, I took a short family jaunt to Washington and forgot two things – a belt (that’s another story) and a jacket.

Normally the latter wouldn’t be a “huge” issue in Washington, but for two of the three days there we were met with clear blue skies…and mid-low 30’s with wind temps. Luckily I had randomly brought along the Wind-Block Mockneck and boy did it come in handy. We had multi-block walks to get to our destinations and this top kept me covered and warm – all things considered.

I was provided with ample coverage on the arms and torso. While it became (out of necessity) a casual top, this has become a great running top the past few weeks as well. It looks great in both settings and provides a level of comfort that I am here for. This top has impressed me a lot.

The NDO Wind-Block Mockneck comes in 2 colors.



  • Trackhouse Sweatshirt | $120
    • 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
  • Wind-block Mockneck | $160
    • Body: 65% Merino Wool, 35% Polyester Honeycomb Jacquard
    • Windblock Fabric: 67% Polyamide, 24% Elastane, 9% Polyurethane



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Thank you to Tracksmith for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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