“Baggy Pants” – Cotopaxi’s Allpa Duo Duffel and Salto Ripstop Pant

We are big fans of Cotopaxi here at Run Oregon. We have reviewed a variety of their items – from workout gear and socks to jackets, sweaters, and packs. They continually put out really solid outdoor and running gear, all while staying true to a commitment to social impact. We can get behind that.

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Salto Ripstop Pants

I am a shorts wearer by nature, and I hold out wearing pants in non-work situations as long as humanly possibly if I can. This has only grown during a COVID-19 world, where Zoom calls are the norm and I can only be seen from the waist up. Therefore, my work attire is often business up top and a party down below.

However, Cotopaxi’s comfortable new Salto Ripstop Pants is starting to make its way into my “work” rotation and I will be an everyday staple in the upcoming months. However, they may not convert to most in-person work (depending on your profession of course).

These pants look pretty nice with their visual simplicity. There are four options available, but they all fall into a more subdued “outdoors in the PNW” colorway. There isn’t much bad I can say about these pants. They fit nicely – supposedly a slimmer fit, but I didn’t find them overtly so. They do have a stretch fabric that isn’t restrictive and made from their Better Cotton Initiative blend.

While I have been using this for casual and more comfortable means (lounging around the house or working in the cooler temperatures), it is really a wonderful active outdoor pant. Having these as a post-race option, or as a light pair of pants to take on a hike or camping trick, would be fantastic.

Allpa 50L Duffel Bag

If you have followed our Instagram feed, you have likely seen a slew of pictures from across the state AND across the country as well. Prior to the Pandemic, I tended to travel a fair amount for work. I was out and about once per week within the Valley, 6-8 times/year within the State, and probably 2-3 times/year throughout the country. On top of that, our family likes to get out and travel when we can, and we often head over to the beach, to Central Oregon and into the bordering states at least a few times a year.

I was also doing a daily commute to work and needed to carry not only my work necessities, but a bag for my running and work clothes. While I am in more of a hybrid work space now, it’s obvious that my carrying needs remain great and I’m always looking for bags that fulfill my diverse needs. Cotopaxi sent us their Allpa 50L Duffel Bag, a unique and functional pack that is constructed with the traveler (like myself) in mind.

The outside:

Obviously, much like everything in the Cotopaxi family, it looks amazing. I have only used this a handful of times, including one overnight trip, and have gotten at least a half-dozen comments on the look. Enough said.

There are a couple of ways to utilize this bag – either as a backpack, by the strap on the side for a “briefcase-lite” look, or with the strap on the end. There is ample padding on the shoulder straps are comfortable, and they are adjustable to wear over a tee shirt or a puffy coat.

The pockets:

There are so many storage options on the Allpa 50L! Like, so many.  The main storage area has over 3000 cubic inches of storage and there is some give to that means you can stuff a few extra items in if need be. There is a mesh pocket on the top of the main storage to keep things a little separate. It is held together by some heavy duty zippers as well.

In addition to this space, there are also small zipped storage options:

  • On the vertical top (great for items you need immediately handy)
  • On the front (a smaller pocket that could be for thinner items)
  • A long zipped panel on the bottom that opens to a separate storage area (perfect for keeping running clothes separate from regular clothes)

This is made even nicer (and durable) as it is made with TPU-coated 1000D polyester and a lightweight, more durable 840D ballistic nylon paneling. That means it can hold up to whatever comes its way. Whether that’s getting stuck in a rainstorm, getting manhandled by a luggage attendant at the airport, or

I was obsessed with this pack, as I do have some organizational needs when I travel. My mild-OCD was kept in check by having one compartment for my running clothes and the other for my casualwear. I was able to pack for 2 days worth of each, with ease and room to spare (sans shoes).

The singular (minor) drawback:

I do wish there was at least one small pocket along the shoulder straps. Obviously, this is a minor thing as there is plenty of other storage components. Also, its not like many/any suitcases have this luxury anyways (shoot how many luggage pieces even have should straps to begin with?). So really, I’m not all that bummed out.

I also sorta wish there was a sternum strap as well to keep it a bit more secure when its filled to the brim as well.

The verdict:

The Allpa 50L Duffel is a winner for anyone that does work commuting and traveling. The quality is top-notch and the functionality is a godsend. Luggage can get pricy REAL quick, and if you are looking for something affordable, you don’t always get the quality (which leads to luggage breaking, which leads to needing another bag, which leads to filling up a landfill…). I was actually surprised with the price point of this bag, because I find it hard to imagine you will find one with the durability, convenience, and style that – the trifecta of awesome – that the Allpa brings with it. There is also a 70L version if you need more storage.



Allpa 50L Duffel

  • 50L
  • 23 x 13 x 12 in
  • 42 oz.
  • 840D ballistic nylon paneling


Salto Ripstop Pant

  • 70% BCI cotton, 28% nylon, 2% spandex
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