Allbirds Wool Fluffs – All the Sustainability with Added Coziness

If there was ever a running shoe company tailored with Pacific Northwest sensibilities, it may be Allbirds. Their commitment to being an earth-friendly company – from the sourcing of the materials to the recyclable packaging – and their sustainability mantra are absolutely admirable and in line with the way most of us feel the running shoe game should be headed. We recently checked on of their newer shoes – the Wool Runner Fluffs and Wool Runner-Up Fluffs.

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Now obviously these aren’t true running shoes. I can’t imagine a situation where you want to increase speed or miles and wool-lined footwear is where your mind first goes. However, we feel the Wool line from Allbirds does have a place for runners.

We have mentioned it a variety of times over the years, but comfort / recovery footwear is a legit need. When we are pounding away at the pavement or trails, it’s wonderful (and maybe imperative) to have options in your closet that keep your feet happy and healthy when you aren’t putting in the miles.


Obviously, the looks of the wool shoes from Allbirds are great. We have always been fans of the visuals of this company. There are multiple versions of these shoes, from our reviewed pairs of the Runner-Ups and Runner to the Lounger, Dweller, and Dasher. Each version looks identical to their more “standard” counterpart – just with Merino Wool on the upper and within the shoe itself. It’s like wearing sheep on your feet!

Most wool options come with a handful of colors – but we really think the cream is where it’s at.


We have reviewed the Allbirds Tree Dasher and before, and outside of the wool, these shoes are constructed the same (outside of the upper). The midsole is made from their SweetFoam concoction – replacing standard petroleum-based products with a sugar cane derivative. The result is a nice padded shoe that doesn’t get too springy AND a production you can feel good about. The laces are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, the insole from castor bean oil, and the and outsole from natural rubber.


I mean, its hard to say much about the feel of these other than a satisfied exhale. When you are purchasing a pair of these, you have in mind what you want – and the Wool Fluff line delivers.

They are super comfortable and provide such a tacticely-amazing sensation that they beg to be worn without socks. As someone who wears slippers all the time because I can’t walk around barefoot with my arches becoming achy, these are absolutely crucial for me. It actually takes it up a notch because I can stay comfortable in these, while still getting the running construction support and durability at the same time.

Treat your feet with these!

Allbirds Wool Fluffs $120 - $145


  • Warm and cozy ZQ Merino wool inside and out
  • Machine washable
  • SweetFoam midsole made with sugarcane-based green EVA
  • Shoe laces made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Castor bean oil-based insole foam


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Thank you to Allbirds for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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