New Year, New Kicks: 361° Spire 5

I’ve been a runner most of my adult life and typically stay true to my shoe type, but when Run Oregon asks you try out some new kicks from 361°, you go for it! I’m a casual 2-3x a week runner, typically staying in single digit miles. I ordered my typical size up for running shoes, (that’s 7.5 for me,) and gave the 361 Spire 5 a try over track & road runs.

All the juicy details are below but to summarize – I’m keeping these and will be using them for many more runs!

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The Spire 5 in Cherry/Black have some interesting design features that surprised and impressed me. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of thought and care was put into making this shoe different. Some initial thoughts:

  • They’re incredibly light and lacking a lot of the heavy sole – which makes me think I’ll run only on the track or pavement for these
  • Flat laces
  • Sleek thin tongue that’s kind of stiff so it doesn’t wrinkle up
  • Cool color! (Isn’t it true that great shoes are often ugly? These aren’t and miraculously, my pants match 😊)

My feet are medium width and fairly flat. These have high arch support, which I noticed immediately. Long term, I may need to prep my feet to prevent arch blisters, but that’s my feet and they do that with lots of shoes. After a few runs, they ended up being pretty great. No funny ankle stuff, no squished toes – just goodness.

More thoughts on the fit:

  • Very supportive
  • Heel support that basically feels like a hug
  • Roomy toe box

My run on the track and road were successful. I’ll be wearing these again!

For Consideration:
  • Lightweight
  • True to size – plus they come in wide!
  • Sleek design
Possible drawbacks to consider:
  • If you’re looking for a shoe only for road/track – this is good. If you are looking for a mult-terrain option, these don’t seem to have traction for that (but that’s expected).
  • Flat footed folks – the high arch support may give you blisters.

361° Spire 5 $160


  • WEIGHT – 8.2 oz
  • STACK- 20mm-29mm
  • DROP – 9mm
  • Newly developed PEBA nylon elastomer mid-sole offers a balance of cushioning and performance.
  • Anti abrasion rubber formula allows for thinner out-soles while providing a higher level of durability and traction.
  • Ortholite foam insoles provide long lasting comfort and excellent moisture management.
  • Engineered jacquard mesh for enhanced ventilation and easy of movement.
  • Anatomically designed pressure free tongue removes pressure and stress from the top of the foot.
  • Morphit system provides a secure, supportive and comfortable mid foot and heel fit.



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Thank you to 361° for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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