Getting into the Zone with Icebreaker’s ZoneKnit Collection

I don’t know about you, but I am about ready for some warm running. We’ve been going on a few months now of dark and chilly miles, and we’re just ready to escape on a run Quetion. Until then, we will be doing our best to make our chili and wet, runs more bearable, including trying out items from Icebreaker’s ZoneKnit Collection.

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There are a variety of items within the ZoneKnit portfolio (including non-winter items) but we reviewed:

Both of these look pretty straightforward in color and design (though there is a mustard yellow version which is pretty fun). Both items we received were a standard black and grey combo. There’s nothing wrong with simple and straightforward, especially when the primary goal is to keep you warm.

And keep you warm – they do. They are both made from 100% pure and natural midweight Merino wool. Runners know about quality and benefits of Merino, but the ZoneKnit collection has pieces which are specifically designed to keep your temperature regulated during more intense workouts. And ain’t nothing more intense than dark runs in 40° weather and below. They do have different weighted Merino as well, so if you are looking for something heavier, look for items with higher numbers (like the 260) attached to them.

With work and kids, I have to pick my days and times to run outdoors. Recently, one of those days are Wednesday evenings from ~630-8pm when I am in the middle of drop offs and pick-ups from afterschool activities. Running at these times really allows for a full test to these items, as they have come with sub-optimal temperatures and conditions. Both of these items have absolutely killed it and have been a welcome addition to these runs. Even when I could hardly see in front of me because my headlamp was picking up every frozen breath I exhaled, my core and extremities felt surprisingly great. I wasn’t overheated – I just felt pretty dang comfortable.

I decided to size up, and I’m pretty glad we did.  I know these are made to be slim-fit, but many company’s definition of such a fit can vary. I personally don’t like feeling overly constricted when running and, since I fit mid-size for the most part, I made the leap upwards. I felt I still got a pretty nicely secured hold when running. They stayed in place without tugging and manipulating. I don’t think I would’ve been as comfortable in my standard size. As stated, I generally fall between two sizes when it comes to slim-fit designs, but if you are firmly entrenched in one size, you should be fine.

Even with how great the ZoneKnit Collection works, one of the larger items for serious considerationis the price. Icebreaker makes some good gear, obviously, but $150 for leggings and $175 for a top is definitely going to be something to consider within your budget. If you get a lot of miles in during the winter months, these will definitely be a solid investment to keep you comfortable and ready to go. If you are just looking to add another warm top or bottom to accompany the sporadic times when you actually do find yourself running in the cold, you may need to think twice. But investing in these seem like they should have your cold weather mileage moving forward for seasons to come.


Icebreaker $150-$175

Icebreaker ZoneKnit Collection

Engineered body mapped technology to regulate your body temperature and let your skin breathe during high-intensity activity. Designed for adventure, shop our ZoneKnit collection today. With targeted temperature regulation to elevate your comfort. Get active with naturally breathable ZoneKnit t-shirts, tanks, jackets & vests.

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Thank you to Icebreaker for providing us with samples to test. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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