2022 PRC Winter 5k Race Series – December Race recap

PRC 5k, dec 2022-13 There was a time that getting beaten by a 7 year old at a 5k might feel a bit .. Humbling. But I later found out he was actually 10, not 7, (my kids are tall for their age and I’m horrible about guessing with other people’s kids) and if there’s anything my body has taught me in the last few years, it’s that I’m built for endurance but not necessarily for speed. I’m okay with that, because I know being a runner isn’t about your pace and finishing is more important then how you get there.

My preferred race distance is the half marathon because it feels less challenging than a marathon but more than enough of a challenge to still feel hard. But somehow, I’ve made it a tradition to do the PRC Winter 5k Series every year. There’s something really hard about a 5k, because it’s short enough to give it your all but 3 miles can be really hard if you don’t do it right. Run With Paula races are always worth the hurt though, no matter the distance.

This year, we were blessed with dry weather for the December race. It was cold, but the sun was out. One year, it rained so hard that ducks were swimming on the course through the trails. Another year, we were scared we were going to ice skate across the road.  You never know what you’ll get in the PNW in December, but one thing is for sure .. People will show up. Paula and Dave will be there and so will the runners and the walkers. People take the tagline for this series to heart .. “Never. Let. Winter. Win.”

PRC 5k, dec 2022-9We started the race in the streets of Beaverton after some stretches and the National Anthem. Once we begin moving, it got much colder with the wind whipping at our faces, but everyone was in good spirits. The community surrounding this race series is always so positive. Everyone cheers everyone else on and so many different groups of people are represented. Older folks to kids participate and all feel welcome and supported. People break PR’s and finish in under 20 minutes and others choose to walk. There is room for every pace.

After I reached Fanno Creek from the city streets, I came to the first 90 degree turn and began to see the fastest runners coming back. They are really inspiring and I love cheering them on. Before too much longer, I reached the turnaround myself, which is also fun because then you get to be the cheerleader for everyone behind you. I really love that you get to be on both sides and see everyone at this event. This isn’t something you’d get at most races, and this being a 5k means people aren’t as spread out as they might be at another race distance.

PRC 5k, dec 2022-5 Once you reach the street again, it always feels like it’s a long trek back to finding the finish line. I’ve run this course many times, but I’m always anticipating the moment where I can finally see the finisher’s shute. It’s slightly uphill and you can hear people cheering and calling out names. You can’t help but kick it up a notch there and soar your way through the finish line.

PRC 5k, dec 2022-4 Afterwards, we were greeted by delicious HOT tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches right off the griddle. There were also donut holes, cookies, string cheese, and yogurt. There were even cans of Rogue beer, but thankfully the cans were closed so I could take mine to go. I love a good beer, but not at 9:30AM. I headed back into Portland Running Company for some heat and the awards ceremony. There was also a raffle, and Portland Running Company generously donated gift cards, hats, sweatshirts, water bottles, and socks. There’s always a good chance of winning something at one of these races.

PRC 5k, dec 2022-2I’m looking forward to the . It’s a great chance to try to improve or even just match your previous time. It’s also a great excuse to get outside when it’s cold.

And for the record, that 10 year old didn’t beat me. I squeaked past him in the last ¼ mile though he tried really hard. I guess sometimes age still trumps age by a little.

Who will I see in January? Register here and make it YOUR new winter tradition.

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