Run Oregon is Kickin’ It in the New Brooks Ghost 15

Many of my running friends know (and maybe you do too if you’ve read some of my previous shoe reviews,) that I’m a Brooks convert. Though I’ve always respected the brand, they really weren’t my jam until I tried my first pair of Glycerins, and there’s been no turning back since. I love Brooks, and they’ve now become my go-to shoe. But surprisingly, I’d never tried the Ghost, which is an extremely popular shoe among Brooks enthusiasts. I finally got my chance recently with the Brooks Ghost 15.

The Ghost was introduced in 2008, and it was a new cushioned shoe meant to create a new neutral ride for runners. It’s been known for it’s soft cushioning and smooth transitions, and it’s changed a bit here and there over the years while continually improving on the original concept. Though the upper has been improved and the midsole has been updated with DNA Loft v2, the basics remain the same.. This shoe is meant to be an every day running shoe, so quality and comfort are key.

brooks ghost 15 -1Looks

The Brooks Ghost is available in a few great color combos, and a size 9 arrived at my door in the Black/Blue/Aruba combo. I couldn’t be happier! Shoes should spark joy in people, (it’s right there in the Brooks “Run Happy” marketing) and this bright pair of shoes make me smile every time I look at them. With hot pink laces and blueish purple soles, go bright or go home!! I’ve received several compliments on them, and they do stand out.


The cushion on the Ghost is evident from first look and touch, so like a true runner, I was super excited to get these bad boys on my feet. And were they cushy as promised? Oh yeah. No doubt. They somehow felt “worn in” but not “worn out” so I didn’t really feel like I’d need time to get used to them like some shoes.


These shoes use 6.67 plastic bottles taken from landfills and the upper is made from 62.5% of recycled materials, so it’s hard not to get behind a company that cares so much about their environmental impact on our earth. The mesh toebox is nice and wide, plus offers a cooler ride when your feet start to sweat. Warm and thick socks are appropriate this time of year, so the roominess is appreciated.

Additionally, the 3D Fit Print adds some structure to the shoe and the new midsole features soft and lighter-weight DNA LOFT v2 cushioning which feels like a dream.

brooks ghost 15 -4 Fit

The Ghost is a great option if you’re looking for a neutral shoe, and these will work for most any occasion. I always size up an entire shoe size for running, and I did the same with the Ghost. I didn’t encounter any sliding around in these despite the roomy toebox. I wore them for a couple of 6 milers when they arrived and then an 11 miler the same week I received them and barely noticed they were on.

These shoes are cushy but not heavy like many shoes are. The DNA LOFT v2 balances rubber, air, and a light foam that makes the shoes less dense.

I was very pleased with the fit and the glide of these on the streets. The soft midsole and segmented crash pad made these shoes feel like something I’d already worn before, but they still felt “fresh” on my feet, if that makes sense. If you’re a runner, you know when you know.

brooks ghost 15 -2Overall/For Consideration

A few things have changed in the Ghost 15 from previous versions, including a new midsole that features lighter DNA LOFT v2 cushioning. Overall, you’ll still get what makes the Ghost a top-notch shoe though .. A soft, cushy ride with smooth transitions, and comfort that will take you through many days on the road throughout your week. These are meant to be the kitchen sink of running shoes, so take them out for short runs, long runs, and everything in between. Call them the MacGyver of running shoes.

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Products & Price:
  • Ghost 15 | $140
    • Weight: 9.1 oz
    • Midsole drop: 11mm
    • Neutral Support

Thank you to Brooks for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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