Tackle the Winter Outdoor Blues with ARTILECT

It’s officially cold in Oregon – and we have some great new gear from ARTILECT to meet your needs.

While the weather in the Willamette Valley doesn’t always necessitate a “real” winter jacket, we know all of our readers are not centrally located here. As you head over to the east side of the Cascades, either via residence, or for winter play, you definitely need something specifically for the elements. There’s nothing worse than having a crappy winter jacket that leaves you wishing and hoping for something more.

Honestly, investing in a solid winter jacket that will last you for years is as good and investment as you can make. And the Divide Fusion Stretch Hoodie is just that – an investment. Coming in just shy of $400, it’s some thing that you should expect to be your jacket for the long future.

Looks: This is a really good looking jacket. It comes in four colors, but all are relatively muted and subdued. If you elect a color scheme with multiple colors, there is some differing in colors along the sides, bottom, and hood – as you can see from the pictures.

Fit: As someone who has worn his fair share of cheap winter jackets over his lifetime, I can easily say that this is, by far, the most comfortable winter jacket I have ever worn. That should probably be expected with a $380 piece of apparel, but the quality is absolutely evident. It fit like it was made for me immediately. It’s cozy to wear, and sits with just the right amount of room. it’s neither too snug or too loose. I felt it fit true to size though if you definitely want a lot of base layering, you may want to go up. However, I think he would mostly be fine with a standard size.

Specs: The simple functional feedback of the function of the Divide Fusion Stretch Hoodie is this – dang it keeps you warm. I mean, that’s what we want, isn’t it? Toss out all the ancillary stuff and let’s get real – we want a jacket that keeps you warm in cruddy temperatures. And this does it and does it well. However, there is obviously more to it. I will leave it to ARTILECT to talk about the more nuanced specifics:

The Divide Fusion Stretch Hoodie is a go-to for cooler seasons. This high-performance hoodie is ethically crafted from Toray 20D four-way stretch woven fabric combined with a FUZE powered RDS ExpeDry Ultra Dry Down and Lavalan Sport European wool for increased moisture management. This gives an excellent range of mobility and unmatched thermoregulation.

Its adjustable hem allows for a tailored fit whilst the plethora of zippered hand pockets are perfect for storing all your adventure gear on the go. The center front zip features a next-level YKK® Touchlink™ zipper powered by the Lifekey™ software platform, an advanced technology that enhances product functionality and adds various opt-in safety features.

If you are in the market for a jacket to assist with cold weather activities across the board – from some snow play in the mountains, to wearing out and about, to having on hand as a pre- or post-run item, I don’t feel you will be disappointed with this option. And you will be set for years to come.


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More About ARTILECT:

Equal parts art and intelligence, ARTILECT is an apparel studio backed by deep experience of the past, with a laser-focus on the future. We are a team of innovators and rule-breakers in a relentless pursuit of progress to inspire a community of intrepid explorers to discover our world and seek new heights.

ARTILECT is built to last, because making fewer things that last longer is the ultimate sustainability platform. At ARTILECT, our driving purpose is to deliver an unmatched performance experience, as well as create the least amount of impact on the world we love to play in. We believe that performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, and through innovation and technology, both can not only coexist, but actually complement each other.

Thank you to ARTILECT for providing us with a sample item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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